Friday, April 08, 2011

Oh, hai, survey! =]

Nerd alert: Throwback to the myspace days. This is a pretty conceited post, so if you're not interested in learning about me in an awkwardly personal way, you should stop here. Otherwise, happy reading! <3  {props to Amy and Janna Lynn for this little baby.}

A= Available - For coffee dates? For chipotle dates? Yes. But, I do have a boyfriend. So these dates must remain platonic.

B= Best Friend - I have lots of best friends. Laure, Nicole, Christa (happy birthday!), Kyle... just to name a few! 
C= Cake or pie - DEFINITELY pie. I have never been much of a cake girl.
D= Drink of choice - Tea (with lemon) or water. YUM! 
E= Essential item you use everyday - cell phone, MacBook, car keys, planner
F= Favorite color - Red is my favorite color! 
G= Gummy bears or worms - Ew. Neither. Nine times out of ten, they have gelatin in them, anyways. But really, they are just gross. Bleh.
H= Hometown - Cincinnati, OH

I= Indulgences - Tattoos, TV, books, chocolate, puppies!
J= January or February - I'm indifferent about this one. I suppose if I had to pick it would be January.

K= Kids and Names - I don't see kids in my near future, but I have some names picked out. That I will not be sharing on this blog. Because every time I tell someone, they go and get pregnant, or get a dog and use my name! But you all know my little fur baby's name is Guillermo Garcia Gomez :) 
L= Life is incomplete without? - This question is just asking for a cheesy, cliche answer. I REFUSE! 
M= Marriage date - Answering this would be knowing the future. Sure, I'll take a stab at it. July 2, 2015. Hopefully. Or maybe never. 
N= Number of siblings - 1 brother, Tony, who is 17; and one little sister/mini-me, Cate, who is 4! 
O= Oranges or apples - Oranges. All varieties. No doubt about it. 
P= Phobias or Fears - Hmmm. I am worried I'll never actually figure out what I want to do with my life?
Q= Favorite Quote - "Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences." - Sylvia Plath
R= Reason to smile - Tons of reasons..but we shall start with all of you.
S= Season - Autumn, for sure! 
T= Tag 3 or 4 people - This one is dumb. You should do this if you want to, and link back here, otherwise, you're off the hook. :) 

U= Unknown fact about me - I'm allergic to Sudafed. Sorry if that was anticlimactic! 
V= Vegetable you don't like - I don't discriminate! 

W= Worst habit - Biting my nails. Yes, I know this is gross, and yes, I know that as an almost 23-year-old, I should be over this by now, but I just. Can't. Stop.
X= X-rays - I'm not sure what this is referring to. I get regular x-rays of my teeth. At the dentist. I have seen x-rays of Guillermo's hips. I had one once of my back because my pediatrician thought I had scoliosis. I'm still not sure if I've fulfilled this letter of the alphabet's requirements?
Y= Your favorite food - It's safe to say that I <3 cheese the most. The only thing holding me back from being vegan.
Z= Zodiac Sign - Leo! Rawr. 

Also, bunnies are cute.


  1. You don't like flavored horse hooves? What is WRONG with you? ha. It is actually gross when you think about it that way. And since you are a cheese accepting Vegan, that makes sense. I loved reading your answers. p.s. I love cheese too.

  2. I think you leave the best comments. I laughed. :)

  3. stole this from you! miss you, seastar! xo

  4. haha that was awesome! i loved the survey : )

  5. Superb...I loved learning about you! Haha.. I like your quotes...and I would suffers so bad if I was allergic to sudafed...after would I feed my meth addiction...KIDDING :)...I love pie too...I guess it would have made me seem greedy if I said I love both :). I am glad you did learning these things about you. Hearts, Janna Lynn

  6. Thanks, everyone :) And thanks to Amy and Janna for giving me the material! xo

  7. I was eating cheese as I read this. But woman, you don't like gummy bears?! Come onnnnnn. Well I guess that means more gummy bears for ME. Also I love that Sylvia quote :)

  8. I love cheese, eggs, gummy candies, and chocolate. I eventually want to go full vegan, but it's SO HARD! I just love food. But I don't eat meat or fish and I drink almond or soy milk. Someday...

    Cute bunnies, yes!
    Twitter @theloudermouth
    Birthday Blog Event

  9. Love that you don't discriminate when it comes to veggies! :)

  10. we have the same worst habit, only i have a few more months before turning 23. ;) i feel like biting my nails is as hard a habit to break as, say, smoking. i mean, i know there is not addictive substance involved that my body needs. but i just am not even conscious of sticking my fingers in my mouth and biting away. i have such tiny nail beds, too, so the condition of my nails looks even worse because i don't have much nail to begin with before i go and gnaw them to the bone. GRRRR. is there a nail biting patch yet!?

  11. i was just talking to one of my friends about myspace!!! remember in high school when you'd have some sort of drama, you'd go post an angsty vague bulletin about it? (no? ...was that just me & my friends? ha!)

    and before that, i had a xanga blog. thankfully i knew enough to make that totally private before i totally embarrassed myself on the internet. hahahaha


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