Saturday, October 09, 2010

Sylvia Plath

There are a few things that I wanted to share this weekend that I heard on NPR over the past week!

First of all, I don’t think I have properly spoken about my love for Sylvia Plath on this blog before, but she is one of my all time favorite writers. In all honesty, I don’t even know much of her poetry, but she is fascinating to learn about (my mentor, Holly, says I am morbid…). I have written numerous research essays on her for school, and have read her one and only novel The Bell Jar:

This book is extremely reminiscent of The Catcher in the Rye and is very close to the events that happened in Sylvia's own life, although it is fiction. It's one of my favorite books of all time.

I have also read her compilation of released journals:

Both of which are completely fascinating. I don’t want to get you guys too depressed, so I won’t go into everything about her life, but I will tell you that you can learn a lot more about her here!

The story that was shared on NPR was about her husband, Ted Hughes, who is also a writer/poet. He has had a reputation since Sylvia Plath died of not talking about her or her death. This past week, there was a poem written by him released to the public.

You can check out the story here, and the poem here:

I think this poem is amazing, and an awesome glimpse at a part of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes' story that no one else knows. I urge you all to get to know her writing as much as you can; she is amazing. 

Annddd… now that I have finished writing the first half of this post, I can’t remember the second story I wanted to share with you guys! If I remember, I will defeinitely post it later on today. I hope everyone is having a great weekend :)

Hello to all my new followers and readers! <3


  1. i haven´t read any of her books yet but.. okay, you're blog just keeps filling my what-to-read list. +1

  2. Oh you! You always leave the best comments. Makes me feel so great about writing! I hope you love her stuff :) xox

  3. i love sylvia plath. thanks so much for posting this x

  4. and thanks YOU for reading!! xoxo

  5. I adore Sylvia Plath. The Bell Jar was one of the first novels I read that made me feel like I wasn't alone in feeling the way I did about people.

  6. I agree about The Bell Jar. She is such an amazing writer. Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. I've never read a thing by Sylvia Plath! Perhaps I ought to get on it?

  8. I highly suggest it! She will make you sad, but you'll think about whatever it was that you read for days...


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