Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Bucket List

It's the first official day of summer break.... that means I have 12 whole weeks to do whatever I want, whenever I want. Since it's raining and I can't be outside reading, running, walking the dogs, or lounging by Kim's parents' pool, I decided to sit on this couch and make a Summer Bucket List. It might be a bit ambitious, but I plan to cross every single thing off.

1. Learn to use my grandmother's sewing machine. I have had it since February. It's been a very nice addition to my bedroom. So far, it's been used as a cat perch, a computer table, a night stand, and storage space. There are so many dresses in my closet that I can't wear because they don't fit anymore, and I am fairly certain I am smart enough to learn how to take in a seam or two so I don't have to donate three quarters of my wardrobe.

2. Finish a few books. I don't already have a list of books I want to read because whenever I see one that looks interesting, I just send the sample to my Kindle, read it, and decide if I want to buy it from there. But I want to read a lot more than I did last summer, and definitely throughout the school year.

3. Crochet... something. I learned to crochet around Christmas time, and have a huge box filled with yarn that was my grandmother's. I would love to make something out of it for the new place.... which still has not been decided upon!

4. Continue watching too much Mad Men. It's really all I have been doing lately, and am slightly obsessed. I want to catch up to the season that's currently on television because I keep hearing that it's excellent!

5. Purge! I have TONS of stuff that I haven't used or looked at since I moved into this apartment last summer (lots of things still in boxes) and I can't wait to go through it all as I move at the end of this month and get rid of everything that doesn't have a purpose. I have never been much of a packrat, and hate clutter. That being said, there's too much of it around here! Things I brought with me from my parents' house that haven't been touched since.

6. Run at least three times a week. Considering I have almost no other obligations this summer (save for working at Petsmart a few times a week), there is really no reason that this goal should not be ticked off my list. This summer is a long one, 12 weeks instead of the normal 10.... no reason not to get into better shape!

7. Go on tons of trips. Bret and I are already planning to visit Chicago or Pittsburgh (maybe both?) and I have very premature plans to drive myself to Buffalo to see Nicole and Columbus to see Chelsey and her new apartment. And in August, Disneyworld and Universal (for Harry Potter, duh) with my parents, brother and sister. I need to make at least half of these happen! I have a bad habit of planning trips and not taking them. Time to follow through!

8. Get more tattoos. I have a million ideas and talk them up a lot, but rarely do anything about it. I want to AT LEAST get my half sleeve finished... and maybe one or two other ideas....

9. Go to at least three more Reds games. I have already been to two, the last one was sofun and part of Bret's birthday present from me was two tickets to next week's game, right behind first base (oh, hey, Votto. Sup?) We need to make this a habit.

What is on your summer bucket list?! 

Happy summer break :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Onto the new....

So, lots of changes around here.... The blog is going private... In probably about a week. For no other reason other than it's kind of MY thing, and while I have never (and will never) post anything inappropriate or that I wouldn't want any of you to read, my students have "stumbled upon" my page slash googled me and found it! They can be so sneaky. It's a little weird for me, so that being said, I still want YOU all to stick around. I would love for you to leave your email in the comments that will let you know when I update and will allow you to login to my page. Or you can email me here and I will be happy to add you to the list!

Happy Wednesday! <3

Thursday, May 03, 2012


Picked up this idea from Danielle from Sometimes Sweet!

my view on the way to work yesterday morning. <3

Reading: The Single Girl's To-Do List by Lindsey Kelk. I have read each of her other books in the I Heart... series, and this one is just as good. It's a little slower moving, but just what I need for the last few stressful weeks of the school year. It's a very easy, light, girly read about a girl who is newly out of a 5-year relationship and the things she plans on doing to establish her single life. Fun! 

Watching: Also, on Danielle's recommendation, Gossip Girl. It's along the same lines as the book I'm reading.... easy, fun and funny, and doesn't take much concentration. I'm halfway through the third season and am starting to lose interest a little bit. I tried to watch it when its first came on TV about 5 years ago since I read the series in high school, but couldn't get into it. It's a pretty good guilty pleasure that I've gotten my friend Christa hooked on, as well. :)

Thinking About: Getting ready for summer. Just being able to relax and go to my friends' weddings (FIVE to be exact, two of which I'm in!) and vacation with my family. Ready for a long break!!

Loving: Working out and eating well. Nothing like reinventions to motivate more! Down only two more pounds since the last update, but still at my lowest ever, EVER (128) and working towards just getting into shape/toning at this point. Or rather working towards working on. Since the gym we/I joined is pretty far from my apartment, it's difficult to do regularly now, but I plan to once summer gets here for SURE.

Anticipating: Seriously, seriously, seriously, the end of school. Only 15 more school days (10 of them instruction) and the end is in sight!! Also moving to Sharonville. Lease is up soon and boyfriend is buying a home as we speak. This means a fenced in yard for the pups (also a new sister/friend), being closer to the gym, and more boyfriend time. DUH.

Ella's idol, Makinzie :)

Listening To: Lots of Mates of State. I have always been a fan (thanks, Nicole) but I have been feeling pretty nostalgic lately and Can't get enough of Rearrange Us and Bring it Back a lot lately. SO GOOD.

Eating: Peanut butter. On everything. Everyday. I eat so much peanut butter. I should buy stock. Srsly.

Feeling Thankful For: My job, my puppies, my parents, sister and brother, Bret, good books, the Mazda, and my iPhone.