Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Pup

Let me take a minute here to introduce my beautiful Chihuahua puppy, Guillermo. He will be nine months old on August 27th. He is fully bred and the cutest puppy in the world. I got him when he was only six weeks old, and about the size of the palm of your hand. This picture to the left is one taken on the day I brought him home from Triple Creek Kennels in Bethel, OH. His name comes from Weeds, the HBO series. One of the drug lords that Nancy Botwin has to contend with in season three is called Guillermo Garcia Gomez. How fitting for a Chihuahua. ;)

Guillermo is a great puppy. He was pretty much potty trained when we got him. But he was so small that we had to keep him in a little pen at night and during the day. Of course, being an animal lover, it KILLED me every time I left him for school or work and heard his little baby cry. Eventually, I gave in and let him out of the pen at night to sleep with us (even though we know it's not recommended!) It's funny how when something so small and fragile is in the bed, you sleep a lot lighter!

Since he was a baby he has learned lots. He can sit, give us both paws, lay down and roll over. He knows he gets a treat for going potty in the right place (on the pad or outside) and he always follows the rules. Unfortunately, still being a Chihuahua, he gets so excited when he sees someone new or for the first time and he tinkles everywhere. He also LOVES to bark at every sound. For such a small dog, he has a huge voice. But we can't really get angry with him. He's too cute.

I always talk about how lucky we are to have such a pretty and well behaved Chihuahua. He really is such a wonderful dog, and he loves us so much. And we love him! I will leave you with a few pictures of him, new and old.

xoxo Stephanie

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