Wednesday, April 06, 2011

TV Junkie

I'm going to admit it publicly: I'm a TV junkie. I'm pretty sure you guys have heard me blog about it before, but I really love getting into a series of something and watching the entire thing. Granted, I usually have it on while I am doing homework (not anymore!), cleaning, crafting, etc etc etc. And the thing is, I can't watch something that is on the air right now, because if I have to wait a week between episodes, I lose interest.

Over the summer I watched all of the seasons of Sex and the City (love) while Nick and I were watching all of the seasons of Seinfeld. Then I took a break while student teaching and mostly read a whole lot. Most recently, I watched all 7 seasons of Grey's Anatomy (which got really old after a while, and then I started to hate it, and now I don't watch it on TV anymore. Lame.) Then I moved onto Gilmore Girls. I always loved this when it was on TV, but I never watched it faithfully. I just finished it, and while watching something like this in it's entirety can point out many of its flaws and such, it was really good! And I find myself wishing there were more seasons to watch :)

That being said, I am pretty picky about something I can watch by myself. If I didn't have Nick to be a couch potato with on a regular basis, I probably would never have watched Weeds or Dexter, and that would have been sad since they are awesomeeee. If I can't get into it, basically, I just turn it off after the first 20 minutes of the first episode.

THAT being said, I was always SO against Glee. Why? No reason. I just felt like being picky and judgmental, probably. Then I ran out of things to watch, so I gave it a shot (Netflix) and hello? Love. I am in love. LOVE. Not to mention, when they sing? Guillermo perks up his little ears and watches the TV intently. SO CUTE. I am addicted. To Glee. There. I said it. (P.s. I know infidelity is wrong. Very wrong. But when are Ms. Pillsbury and Mr. Schuester going to get together??? Don't tell me.)

What are you guys addicted to? I need some ideas to add to my list!!

Happy TV watching :)

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  1. i know it sounds lame but I really got into the British t.v. show "Skins" for a while. They started an American version which is way lamer than the brit version and it's actually a really great show. But I only followed it for two seasons, I have been thinking about getting into it but it follows high schoolers and I stopped watching right when they graduated bc I was afradi they would change out too many of the characters. Maybe I should keep watching because I was so addicted! And I totally agree, I am obsessed with finding series too! My past ones have been the aforementioned Skins, I have also watched Sex and the City about a billion times, I love Friends, Dexter and Weeds. I have actually been thinking about Glee too but kinda feel the same way I'm sure you felt. Now I am curious though. Hmmmm...
    anyways, sorry that was suer long! haha
    -Morgan (Born of the Sea)
    Born of the Sea


    Haha plz don't start watching the x files. You won't be able to stop. David Duchovny is too sexy to handle.

    However, you could also get your fill of DD by watching Californication...I think only the first season is on instant watch (but maybe by now the second one is too). SO GOOD. And that's one you could watch with Nick...the boyf got me hooked on it.

  3. oh wow i am obsessed with so many shows! i still watch grey's (serious addiction to patrick dempsey), private practice, the good wife, 30 rock, tudors, sex and the city, vampire diaries, dexter, californiacation, true blood, secret diaries of a call girl, the closer, and a few others. recently i started camelot and the borgias. i have a tivo...that's the only reason i still have a life.

  4. I'm crazy addicted to The Office. It's so hilarious and perfect. =]

  5. ha ha ha. My husband is a netflix tv junkie too. He tries to get me to join in I am just the opposite of a TV junkie. Sad story. I gave Glee a shot and couldn't get into it... What's weird about that is that I was in Choir and Chamber Singers in High School... So you would think I would love it and relate. BAh. ha. I still liked this post. :) It was fun.

  6. You guys are awesome :) Thanks for all the great ideas. No offense, Jackie, but I DEFINITELY won't be watching x-files any time soon. Gag. Californication graced our TV for one episode, but I couldn't get into it. Maybe it deserves another chance?? Also, Amy, that is really interesting! I was in chorus, too. I think that's part of the reason I love this show :)

  7. U and I are exactly the same when it comes to tv. I too am a big fat junkie for series but I have to watch them on DVD or netflix because week by week I will lose interest. What I think is funny is I was just telling my best friend this. I live true blood Dexter supernatural greys anatomy weeds Californication so many more

  8. I've got way too many shows I watch. All the Real Housewives shows, Weeds, Big Love, Modern Family, The Middle...I'm sure there are a million more and I just can't think of them at all.


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