Friday, March 25, 2011


It's finally Friday, and with Friday comes Sunday, and with Sunday comes my last day of training for training at work! I am so excited to be finished. Don't get me wrong, I am loving this new part of my job, but I miss the salon so much. The first 5 hours of my shift during training are spent working the floor, selling classes, helping people, which I like, but I miss being able to spend my whole day with puppies :) 

Last night (Thursday) my best friend, Lauren, dropped off her puppy, Penny, for the weekend. Yes, we are dogsitting! It's been really fun so far (except the crying during the night ;)) Guillermo has been having a TON of fun. (By the way, did you SEE the new pictures of him? SO cute.) They just tumble around the living room for hours, then get tired and lay down for a few minutes, gulp some water, and start all over. Considering we were getting worried about Guillermo's weight (he's 9.5 lbs and should be 8 lbs, haha!) I'm hoping all of this exercise will do him some good in that department! 

Also! I told you guys how I graduated last week, remember? Well, all of my grades are finally in, and not only did I get an A in the hardest class I had this quarter (with the hardest professor, ever) I also made the Dean's List. (!!!) AAANNNNDDD (drumroll, please!!) after slacking off Freshman and Sophomore years (and I do mean slacking off. I never went to class, and when I did, I either read a book or played on my computer the entire time) and then taking two and a half years to undo that damage, I reached my goal of graduating with a 3.0! (actually a 3.055 for the university and a 3.144 for the college!) I know I could have done MUCH better had I put the work in from the very beginning, but since it took me so long to realize my GPA was actually important to my life, I am really proud of this. I was convinced I wasn't going to make it, and when I saw that I did, I was SO happy. It's one of those achievements that you get super, SUPER excited about, but no one really understands just how proud you are of yourself. I might have to treat myself to something special this weekend :) 

I am so excited to have Saturday completely off tomorrow, and to get to spend the entire day with my boys and Penny. I think we'll go to the park, have lunch, and maybe do a little thrifting. CAN'T WAIT! 

Happy weekend, everyone!
xoxo S


  1. Ahhh...congrats on the Dean's List and your high GPA...that is awesome! Your puppy will be fine...but it is fun to watch them play. :) Have a great weekend!! Hearts, janna lynn

  2. congrats on the Dean's List!

    And I expect TONS of puppy pictures from your puppy sitting adventure!

  3. Congratulations on the absolutely AMAZING GPA and on getting As in the last of your classes - that's outstanding!


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