Saturday, January 08, 2011

It's FINALLY Saturday.

I just need to take a second to acknowledge the huge sigh of relief I had at the thought of this week finally being over. For some reason, it just seemed like everything that could possibly go wrong this week, did. I am so happy it's Saturday and that I get to spend the weekend with my boys!

Yesterday, my best friend, Lauren, brought her puppy, Penny, over to have a play date with Guillermo. Lately, Guillermo has been really lethargic and depressed, and when he's not, he's shredding tissues or chewing socks, or stealing the unopened box of toothpaste that was not-so-safely stowed on the bottom shelf in the bathroom... and I really think this all comes down to being lonely! He's really not alone too terribly much, most of the time between 6-8 hours a day, and that's even in pieces. He needs constant attention and does whatever he can (see above) to get our hands and eyes on him! So, I decided to start getting him out more + around Penny to get some of that energy out. Here are some pictures from yesterday :)

I think they spent a good three hours tumbling around the living room, chasing each other, and wrestling. And when Penny went home? Guillermo STILL wanted to play tug... At least he's cute :) 

In other news, I FINALLY began Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and I am most excited about this one because the first time I read it, I was borrowing the book from my mom, so I SPED through it, and hardly remember anything that happened. [spoiler alert] And let me just say that I shed tears when Hedwig died..... tears. 

Unfortunately, and although I am trying my hardest to savor the HP books while I am still in the mood to re-read them, I am itching to read the many books I got for Christmas. I have so many sitting on my bookshelf just waiting to be opened, and about 10+ more that I have planned for my Kindle. I honestly cannot WAIT to read some of them, and I plan on putting a post together sometime soon about my Kindle plans :) 

Also, remember this boy

Well, he's amazing. Last night was pretty much a culmination of a pretty crappy week for both of us, and when I got home from work at midnight, of course all we could think to do was have a stupid argument. Then, he woke up with me at 7:30 AM and drove me to work, and then went and got brand new tires for my car without even telling me. Seriously. What did I do to get so lucky? And his birthday is coming soon! I have big plans :) shhh...!*

Happy Saturday! 


  1. Oh man, Guillermo looks so happy & cute! Happy Saturday. <3

  2. i love it when dogs play! and what a sweet guy you've got ;)

  3. I'm glad things started to turn around.
    and Im feeling the same way about harry potter. I am so loving reading them and getting into the series (I'm on the 5th now) and I know I am going to be at a loss when I am done reading them. At the same time, I need to start making a list of all the books I want to read once I am done because I have so many! enjoy the last one and savor it!
    -Morgan (born of the sea)
    Born of the Sea

  4. Thanks, Kate and Roxy :) <3

    Morgan, I can't wait to finish just so I can read 10934 other books!!


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