Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday: Melt, Thrifting, and Roller Derby.

Today has been pretty fantastic, so far. We woke up kinda early since we have Penny staying with us, and then while Nick showered and meandered around, I watched an episode or two of Gilmore Girls; I've been hooked lately. Then we got ready to have lunch at Melt, a really fantastic, organic deli that has tons of DELICIOUS vegan entrees and desserts. Today I had a custom vegetarian burger, which was their homemade seitan with tomato, cheese, mayo and dijon mustard with a side of rosemary redskins. TOTALLY regretting not taking pictures, now!!

Afterwards, we headed over to the new thrift shop that opened up in February, and I found, yet again, some really awesome stuff. We got a reading lamp for the night stand near the bed, a few awesomely colorful kitchen towels, and I got tons of books that were on my Amazon wish list. I also got a really, really old version of the Parker Brothers' board game, Pay Day, annnnndddddd.... Harry Potter Trivia! Woo! And double win? ALL of the pieces to both games were still in the box. This hardly ever happens...!!

Then, later tonight, we'll probably have dinner with some friends before heading to the roller derby. I've never been, but I hear it's pretty fun, so I can't wait!! :) 

happy weekend!


  1. Oh have fun...and let me know how you like watching roller derby!! It does sound like fun. Hearts, janna lynn

  2. it's been so long since i've been to a thrift store! must go soon...also have fun at roller derby :D it IS lots of fun to watch and play!

  3. i am jealous of this entire day!

  4. Roller Derby was awesome, can't wait to go again!!

  5. Oh, I love melt! and I need a good thrift trip soon!

  6. yay for thrifting! i wish we could go together! i went to day and didn't have any luck so i ended up going to the antique store and i always have luck there!! :)

  7. Aww yeah going together would be so awesome!! Maybe one day :) I <3 thrifting!

  8. did you guys go to the new one by my dad's house?? that one is AWESOME. i felt like i cleaned shop last time i was there!
    how was the derby? a friend of mine is actually in the 'riverside roller girls' group, but i've yet to see her. it would be funny if you saw her team.

    p.s. you're all graduated, and we haven't celebrated or even seen each other!!!! we need to fix this!!!

  9. Totally jealous of the Harry Potter trivia find! And it's funny that the Nanny Diaries in your stack of books there because I got my copy from my favorite local thrift store.

    And if you're a fan of used books, check out - they've got a lot of used stuff and shipping is free. I buy almost all my books from them and limit myself to books priced under $4.

  10. mmm...that melt burger sounds delish! i love me a good veggie burger : )

    great blog - glad i stopped by today! i'm your newest follower


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