Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend re-cap!

Friday: An awesome, awesome guy I work with at the video store offered to take my shift on Friday night, which allowed me to spend the evening with some girls (and one guy) from cohort. It was SO fun. A Shakespeare themed party, we donned mustaches and beards, and posed for Shakespearean-play-themed photos:

I had an awesome time, and I can't wait to hang out with these ladies (and gentleman) really, really soon. 

Saturday: Unfortunately, since I had to work 8-4 today, I couldn't stay as late as I would have liked at the W.S. party. But today at work was pretty awesome. I was tired, and I had about 11 dogs in a row, didn't have time to take a lunch, and barely got any tips, but I had AWESOME dogs. They were all so, SO sweet, and it was a really awesome day at work.

Since Nick and I both have to work Monday night, we decided that Saturday night was our pseudo Valentine's Day this year (hence the photo above). When I got home from work this afternoon, these were waiting in the apartment for me: 

These ones in a red (yum.) vase by the window, and more in the Warsteiner boot bookends on the desk. And a really lovely card from Nick to me:

In which he said some really awesome, mushy, gushy things :) I'll spare you. Ha!

Then we went to a restaurant-by-day/night-club-by-night for dinner (and were the only ones there). Here's what I had: (p.s. sorry for all of these lame photo booth and cell phone pictures. I can't find my camera. Sad face.)

DELICIOUS A.A.C roll (avocado, asparagus, and cucumber) and a sweet potato roll (sweet potato, avocado, cream cheese) and Nick had a [boring ;)] Philly roll. The menu wasn't much to look at, but the sushi was fantastic for only costing $6 a roll. 

Then, we met up with Lynzie, Brandon, and Brian for some board games at Highlands (the place Nick and I went on our very first pre-first-date

First we played Cranium:

We had tons of fun with this game. I have only played this once or twice, and years ago with my parents. So playing it with a bunch of friends/family was awesome :). Then we played "Things... the Game." This was the first time I'd played this game, as well. The object was to pick a card, respond to it on a strip of paper, and then take turns guessing who wrote what for points. This was one of the funniest we came across: 

Tomorrow: Puppy training class, and then birthday dinner at Olive Garden for Lynzie and Brandon. Can't wait!!! 

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend, too :)


  1. seem like you had lots of fun! :)

  2. love love love everything about this post!!
    i wouldn't hate you if you decided to have a weekly game night... b + i are still talking about it :) hehe

  3. I would LOVE a weekly game night. love love love!!!! can we talk about this more??

  4. Looks like an awesome weekend. You boyfriend is so sweet! I'm a little confused though. You work at a video store but then you said there were dogs at work? You either have two jobs or a very interesting workplace! Haha :)

  5. Love the Shakespeare party idea. :)

  6. Stephanie - I do have two jobs; I work in the groom shop at PetsMart and also at a video rental store :)

    Kate - It was so much fun! Definitely going to do it again, sometime.


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