Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mixed CD Giveaway!

Hey guys! Remember when I told you about the CD swap I got involved with over at Odelma Vintage? Well, I finally finished it, and it's all ready to mail out tomorrow!! Yay! Here are some final pictures and

I am going to make a special one for my very first giveaway!! 

The CD will be reminiscent of this:

In order to enter to get your very own Mixed CD by me, all you have to do is:

1. Follow Femmena Mala by clicking the button at the top left
 and leave a comment with your email and your favorite song of all time!

2. Tweet this post :)

Each of the above are worth one entry; leave a separate comment for each!

The drawing will be held this Saturday, October 16th! 

I am really excited about my first giveaway! Good luck to everyone! <3


  1. Hello! I am posting a comment, I have liked it on FB, and I will tweet this! So that means I get three chances. Oh boy, oh boy. I hope you pick me! Okay, my most favorite song of all time is.. "Doo Wah Diddy". I cannot think of a popular song of the moment, but I have always loved this song, and I made my dad play it over and over when I was a wee girl! :)

  2. Love this! How fun. I adore mixed CDs. And I could NEVER pick a favorite song, but one that always makes the cut is R.E.M.'s :Nightswimming." You know how to reach me if I win! :)

  3. Christa Cupp7:23 PM

    Hi! I "like" your page :) It's very awesome and you're doing a super terrific job of entertaining me. My current favorite song is Monster Mash. Do the Mash. The Monster Mash...

  4. christa cupp7:27 PM

    I have Tweeted this also! I also like the song "Your Smiling Face" by James Taylor. Steve sings that to me :)This is 2 chances! woo hoo!!

  5. christa cupp7:31 PM

    I am Also a follower of your blog! That's 3! eyesrus99@yahoo.com. That's my email. As if you didn't know that :) ha ha.

  6. christa cupp7:31 PM

    also, you rock my pants. off. :)

  7. Anonymous10:19 PM

    This is such a cute giveaway! I LOVE mixed CD's :o) I stopped by FB to give my love and will RT!


  8. Oh my gosh, how am I going to pick just ONE favorite song of all time? Actually no that's easy: Chantilly Lace by Jerry Lee Lewis. I've known the lyrics to that since before I was in kindergarten because my dad used to sing it to me all the time.

    Two more entries to follow!

  9. Liked as Kelly Richardson on FB :D

  10. &&&&&tweeted! (@Hello_Kellyy)

  11. Ahhhh that's SO cute. I love crafty things! I just started following, my e-mail is jdpickle2@gmail.com, and my favorite song of all time has gotta be You Turn Me On (I'm a Radio) by Joni Mitchell. Love love love it.

  12. Hey girl, I retweeted it for ya and I'm following ya. :D

    A favorite song is hard to choose. Right now I'd have to say my favorite is Jealous Sky, by Negative.

  13. Okay, here is another comment. I am not sure why I must write three but oh well. I liked your FB page, a long time ago. Thank you! And good day.


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