Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back to school.... Again!

So, today is my first day back at school - MY school. It was so weird walking onto campus and being surrounded by people my own age for the first time in WEEKS! I miss it. I miss walking a half mile to class, I miss having to bring gloves and scarves for the walk, and I miss sitting in class and learning. Teaching is definitely not the same, obviously. On the walk to campus from Nick's old house (still a great place to park, and not too far away) it finally hit me that this is my last (potentially) quarter of college. I have every right to end my university journey in three short months, and it's so exciting to think about... Freedom! But - what will I do with my time? With no obligation to go to class, and therefore using that as a great excuse to work only part time, I will be obligated (with my diploma and degree in hand) to find a real, full time job. I am still not sure if teaching is right for me, and I probably won't be until I try it out for real, but whatever is in my future, I am super excited.

In other news, I signed up for a CD swap facilitated by the wonderful Mattie over at Oldema Vintage, and while I am a little more than behind on getting mine to it's new owner, I wanted to share with you a few of the songs on my probably-too-long playlist just waiting to be burnt to a CD!

This really is just a few! The whole thing is 35 songs in all, and it will probably have to be put onto two CDs. Haha! The swap instructions were to include a variety of songs from our libraries so that our CD swap pal can hopefully be introduced to a broader spectrum of new tunes. If anyone has any ideas of how to make a neat case for it (from scratch) feel free to leave them here! I am so excited to do this because it really gets me involved in the blogging community that I surround myself with daily. The women that I have met since I began blogging this past summer are all amazing, each and every one. It's so nice to have a friendly type of competition to keep me writing! P.S. This is my shout out to all of you who are stopping by every day - THANK YOU. You are so fantastic. Please, do not hesitate to comment! I will always reply :)

I JUST got home from school/tutoring/class/interview. Class was okay, it was great to see everyone, but it made me SOJEALOUS that there are people enjoying their placements. I hate that I am not liking my student teaching, I really wish this were the experience that was solidifying my passion/choice to become a teacher. It's just making an office job look like chocolate cake with chocolate icing with chocolate sprinkles (calorie free); a.k.a. FUN. The interview was not my favorite - a group type, and the job sounds less desirable than it did when I just knew that I needed a second job. We'll see how that goes.

I have pretty much nothing of interest to talk about other than that I plan to spend the REST of the evening grading papers with my puppy by my side. I want to take a nap, but we all know that there is no time for that. See you all tomorrow!


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