Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Wonders v.3

I am really excited about this week's Wednesday Wonders because I have some really neat (yes, I still use the word neat) photos, mostly courtesy of my awesome boyfriend who is addicted to Mozilla's StumbleUpon and sends me awesome stuff every day. :)

Before we get started, I want to remind you about my very first giveaway. Entries are closed on Friday, so get over there and enter NOW! You might win a Mixed CD + cover made by yours truly! There are three ways to enter, and all you have to do is leave a comment for each entry.

Wednesday Wonders....*

1. So continues my obsession with owls... Should I or should I not? 

2. This is the album cover of the CD where I got my blog name. 
You can learn more about it at my feature by Blackbird Fly here

3. Another awesome picture sent to my by Nick. How do
you think this would look on Guillermo?

4. Readers, meet Guillermo. Er... Guillermo's tongue. Hello!

5. I don't remember where I found this picture, but I thought it was
incredibly inspirational. And subtle.

6. Courtesy of Nick, again. He sent me this site of 60 amazing 
fall pictures. I absolutely love the colors in this photo.

7. This is a piece of art that I swiped from She 
featured an amazing artist who has many more pieces
lik this one. Check her out! 

8. Remember when I said I have the best boyfriend ever? Still do. 

9. This is my puppy. This is my puppy napping. Are you
bored of hearing about my puppy yet?

10. Another courtesy of Nick. He sent me this site with an article called
"Human Bones Take Part in an Artistic Project Against Violence." You
should check it out, because there are some awesome pictures. 

That's it for this Wednesday's wonders!! Don't forget to check out the giveaway mentioned at the top of the post! p.s. Hello to all my new readers and followers!! <3


  1. Thanks for refollowing me. =] I love your blog too. And oh my gosh, I saw those doggy mustache toys too, and I want one for Luca! I think it would look sooo funny. And that piece of art is amazing. I'm going to check out her other pieces

  2. Eee! This makes me happy :) Glad you enjoyed the post :)

  3. i want a mustache for my kitten! and i love that picture of the VW bug with the leaves, soooo wonderfully fall-tastic. thanks for sharing these little wonders! :)

  4. That would look SOCUTE on a kitten!! Thanks for reading!

  5. I love that little dog mustache! I want one for my puppies =]

  6. Aww! What kinda puppies do you have?!

  7. hehe the mustaches on the puppy are too cute!! mustaches are like all the rave these days!!

  8. Aww! What a cuuute post! I think I am going to leave that equation in someone's mailbox tomorrow. =)

  9. Kelly - That would be so cute!!

    Sandy - Agreed!! Thanks for following ;)

  10. I have two, a pekeingese/yorkie/rat =] hahaha and a shar pei/brit spaniel. They are my babies. And they hate bows so I'm sure they would not like mustaches.

  11. Anonymous12:12 AM

    Steph, I LOVE those doggie mustaches! I have got to get one for my baby boy now! Guillermo is a cutie patootie. Thanks for the mention too - you're a sweetheart! :o)

  12. That little owl pic is so great. <3


    All this is Grace and Charm

  13. Larissa - Your puppies sound so cute!! I am for sure obsessed with mine, and treat him probably better than I might treat a child. Sad, I know.

    Strataflora - You're so welcome!! <3

    Carly - Thanks for stopping by!! I am glad you like the owl pic :)


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