Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday, finally! & DIY Saturday: Apartment Edition

SO happy it's the weekend!! It has been a long week. I'm still getting into the swing of things at school, but it's going really, really well! I love my kids (most of them... ;) ) and I am happy teaching. I'm glad that I decided to find a job. I am so lucky to be at the school that I am. It's been a challenge getting used to this new schedule. Waking up in the morning has been really easy, but it's hard to find energy to be productive after school everyday. Baby steps, though!

Thought I'd stop by with a little DIY: Apartment Edition for you... it's been a while!!

1. I thought this was a really simple and pretty thing to do in a white room. I think I said before
that we are allowed to paint, but it seems like more work than it's worth? This would be a good

2. Sorry for the picture quality in this one. This is a really cute nursery design, but
since babies are no where near my realm of thought, what about my classroom? The idea was that
each person at the baby shower decorates a letter for the baby's room. I think this would be a good
project for a class to do! 

3. Again with the wine. I know, right? But these also seem really cute and simple
for the kitchen or patio! The hard part would be finding wines that are delicious &
have fun, quirky corks!

4. I also really like this idea for the living room. Even if it weren't a divider,
it would be an awesome piece. My idea was framing vintage ads from old magazines.

5. I showed another picture of painted spoons a few weeks ago,

6. This is probably my favorite idea this week. Such an easy thing to do
and SO pretty! I love the chromatic element, also. It would be fun to hunt
for the perfect fabrics to use at the thrift store or craft store.

Happy Saturday!


  1. i love the baby DIY. i'm seriously going to do something similar to that.

  2. i really love the alphabet. that would also look cool in an office?

  3. Such cute ideas! I would love to learn how to make those flowers.

  4. I'm so glad you are loving your job! So important in life, really. You have again picked some awesome ideas! I especially love the first and last ones. Hope you enjoy your three day weekend!


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