Saturday, September 03, 2011

Fred & Friends wish list

Since losing my grandpa, I have been a little more obsessed with Matryoshkas than I was before. They are so pretty, and they can be just plain cute, too :) Here's my most recent obsession from the kitchen line from Fred & Friends, inspired by Lori..... 

1. Store-Ms

2. Bubushkups

3. I got these from my friend, Lori, for my birthday and LOVE.
They are all in a row on my window sill in the kitchen.
But, oh, what I wouldn't give to have them in red, TOO.....!

4. M-Spoons

5. Salt-M

6. Time-M

Oh, Fred & Friends, you steal my heart. <3 


  1. Sweeet! I like them too a little too obsessed with toooooo many things so I've never collected them. But...they are so cute! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  2. i love these! they are so sweet.


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