Friday, July 15, 2011

DIY Friday: Apartment Edition

This week I chose four of my favorite wall hanging ideas that I found via Pinterest (by the way, if there are any of you who still want an invite, let me know!)

 1. Painted coffee can cubbies. This would also be awesome in the classroom, but I think
I might choose different colors. This is too red/white/blue for me. Maybe more jewel tones? 

2. I have SO MANY old keys. Old apartment keys, house keys, random keys
that just look really interesting. I think it would be neat to put a spin on this and make
up some really clever labels.

3. Right when Kim and I moved in, we talked about getting an S & K to hang up somewhere,
and these would be perfect kitchen decorations. And what a great excuse for wine ;)

4. I love gallery/collage style artwork areas. They are so fun and original/kitschy. This would be
a good excuse to order some super fun prints off of Etsy!

Do you guys have any fun DIYs you think I might like? Let me know!
Happy Friday! 


  1. I love all of those, but especially the first and the last. I really might try and do the first one. How awesome! The only space we have left for storage in this house is vertical, up, on the wall, shelving, you get the idea. Those cans would work so well to keep craft stuff accessible, but out of reach of little hands. Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas!

  2. I love the tin can pigeon holes! Do you know how they're mounted? If not, how would you go about mounting them?
    I was recently thinking of tidying my desk (dream big, I know!) and for pen-holders I was going to go for classic decorated cardboard rolls... maybe I'll do tins instead!

  3. I think they are just screwed in through the bottom :) I think it's a really fun idea!


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