Tuesday, June 21, 2011


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I just thought you guys should know that I really love storms. I got caught in this last week. I had just left the house to get food and graduation necessities. Of course, as I got into my car, it was still sunny and a little cloudy. I got about a mile away and it started pouring. As in, can't-see-out-of-the-windsheild, drenched-like-I-just-got-out-of-the-shower, kind of torrential downpour. There were people stuck inside Target just waiting for it to calm down so they could head back to their cars.

It was awesome. When I got home, I snuggled up with my puppies and a blanket and turned all the lights off and opened all the blinds so we could watch the lightening. We watched a silly movie and it was, again, awesome. I love storms. I love being outside, but on my days off, when I really just want to be lazy, a storm is the perfect excuse. I'm off today and tomorrow and the forecast says thunder and lightening, a 50 to 60 per cent chance. Let's hope it happens.

It's the small things.


  1. Then you should see the summer storms we get! You would love it, talk about lightning displays. Especially over the open veld you can see the lightning running between clouds and then hit the only tree with an almighty clap! Magnificent!

  2. I am JEALOUS!! I love them except when they turn dangerous. They are awesome :)

  3. Storms are really quite amazing. I love them too! My dad really loves them and I can remember him standing in our doorway or in an open window (yes, getting a bit wet) just watching it all. I think he gave me my love of storms.

  4. Storms are cool to watch but I have to admit I am not too fond of them. In the summer here in Arizona we get monsoon season and we get crazy storms. It is quite cool to see because the clouds just seem to appear out of nowhere. We don't have much of a wet season here and I am perfectly okay with that.

  5. Anonymous3:06 AM

    Storms are my favourite kind of weather, but only when i'm inside!


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