Thursday, June 23, 2011

One Tiny Little Thing

So, Kate, over at Kate's Irrelevant, posted this Tuesday. I wanted to participate, so I am. All you have to do is post an entry that tells:

Perhaps I'm an over achiever. Perhaps I just like to hear myself talk. Or.. something.
But, I'm going to list more than one.

1. Storms. Duh. 
2. When Guillermo begs to be picked up when I get home from work.
3. Notes from Nick on the refrigerator. 
4. Furry babies. Of any kind.
5. Sappy movies.
6. Anticipation.
7. Sweet tea, and vegetarian chili cheese fries.
8. A clean, nice smelling room.
9. The color red.
10. Success.

I'd love to hear yours! Link back here, and over at Kate's blog if you decide to participate :) 


  1. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Awesome! thanks for reposting! x

  2. This is cute! :) It's always good to think about things that make us happy.

  3. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Heck yes to thunderstorms! I just read your post before this one too and I'm exactly the same when it comes to storms. I could happily watch them for hours. I'm actually planning on starting a feature on listing the little things in life I love. I've already got a huge list and it was so much fun to write.


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