Friday, June 17, 2011

Another survey-thingy.

Happy Friday!! I stole this from Amy at Amyschmamey. She is awesome, that is all. Also, it was her birthday yesterday, so go over and give her some belated wishes! 

name: Stephanie
birthday: July 30
sign: Leo

favorite food: I can never pick just one. I am Italian, which means I LOVE FOOD.
favorite drink: Water or tea! 
favorite color: Is red. You probably already know this because I am annoyingly obsessed with it. 
favorite song this week: Well, of course it's every song on Death Cab's new album, Codes and Keys. Don't worry, I plan on doing a Music Monday on it! 
favorite outfit: Tank top + skinnies folded up into capris + TOMS. I am a low maintenance kinda girl.
hobbies: uhhh sleeping? My furry children. Also, reading. And watching ridiculous amounts of stupid television shows streaming on Netflix. Also, crafting. 
guilty pleasures: I'm not sure that I could live without chocolate.
last dream you remember: I think I had a pretty inappropriate nightmare last night that stemmed from the Hoarders episode we watched right before going to bed where the 12 year old son slept in a bed with the mom, and the 8 year old daughter slept in a bed with her dad. Weird, right? The only good part of my dream was I got my Corolla back (magically). It was a manual (that I was in LOVE with) that I totaled on Queen City when I was 19. This is a story for another time. You should know that it had a full tank of gas and a BRAND NEW CLUTCH. fml.

what comes to mind when i say cabbage: My mind thinks of sauerkraut and EW.
have you ever met a celebrity: Nope. 
favorite (new) blog: I CAN NEVER PICK JUST ONE. 
secret celebrity crush: I guess it would be Jake G? I mean that is the only thing coming to my mind because I recently watched him in Love & Other Drugs. Also, Jason Mraz. I won't go into that story, either. 

favorite gadget:  I'm not sure that I could function without my Android phone. For serious
three things you can't live without: My pups. Srsly. 

favorite harry potter character: S This is ridiculously unfair, and it figures that Amy would pick a survey with this question in it!!! I think Kreacher. Or Dobby. 
play any instruments: No.  I wish. I have tried and tried and have never been very musically inclined. best book you've ever read: Harry Potter. This is purposefully ambiguous. 
favorite quotation: "Let me live, love and say it well in good sentences." 
favorite rainy day activity: Reading a book or watching a movie.

what do you do when you're stressed: I clean. Everything. Also, cry. 
favorite time of the year: Fall is the prettiest season ever.  
tattoos: THIS is a loaded question. I have 10. But you'll have to read the post on them to get all the info :) 
favorite animal: Pups, obvs. More specifically, (don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Chihuahuas) pugs. I am a pug girl at heart. Always have been! 
crunchy or smooth peanut butter: I like crunchy... but I don't hate smooth.
foreign countries you've visited: None.  I would love to go to England though... or anywhere in Europe really.
favorite candy: I have no idea. I don't eat a lot of candy... but it would definitely be something chocolate?
cake or pie: Pie. I have never been a huge fan of cake. 
favorite holiday: Thanksgiving. !!!

favorite flower: Tulips are my fave. Also, those ones that I posted about on Wednesay. Ranunculus! So pretty and feminine. 


  1. This was fun to read and you're right, Amy IS totally awesome!

    I completely agree with you about chocolate. Without it I would probably perish... and quickly! Haha! I NEED it! Pie however is my forgotten dessert. I love me some cake, but pie is probably better, yummier, tastier and I just don't ever remember that it exists! Perhaps I should bake a pie ;)

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  2. Oh and I also LOVE Kreacher and Dobby! House elves really rock my socks! =)

  3. YAY! You filled this out. And I <3 you and Mrs. Biscuit. YOu both are grand. Besides, I too roll my straight leg jeans into capris... (I don't wear skinny jeans)... Good choice. Yay for Harry Potter! I LOVED your answers. :)

  4. Anonymous10:54 PM

    I LOVE these survey thingys! It's fun getting to know a bit more about people this way :) oh, I am also known to watch ridiculous amounts of stupid television on Netflix (Toddlers and Tiaras...oh geez). I'm glad to be finding new blog friends!

  5. I'm Italian too... totally understand the food thing!

  6. Yu guys are awesome :) I love reading these, too because they are so revealing!! It's fun to learn more about people. Also, we are all a lot alike!

  7. Love that you did this too! I so enjoyed Amy's and now I'm even more tempted to add a survey to the mix. So fun! LOVE your outfit choice. I too roll my pants up. Favorite way to wear them. Thanks for sharing a bit more about you via fun old school survey. :)


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