Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Wonders v.14

1. Having an excuse (see Shakespeare party) to put makeup on and get out of the house!

2. Finding out that I really do have the reputation I have been aiming for on Twitter. ;)

3. Funny screen caps from weheartit. This is totally something I would do.

4. Realizing a little too late that while I was documenting Guillermo's first successful, four-legged walk of the spring, I was also capturing the random roadkill that happened to be nearby. You can bet that when I put the camera down and saw? I ran. 

Happy Wednesday, all! <3


  1. Pretty face!!


  2. Love the screen cap - I'd do some shit like that too.

  3. That screen capture is FUH-NY!
    Can I steal it?

  4. Sure, you can steal it :) I did!


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