Thursday, January 06, 2011

winter blues

I had a really great idea for a "remember that time..." blog post in my head last night, and then when I logged on to do it, Blogger wouldn't work? Well, that was last night. It turns out that it didn't matter too much because I ended up getting REALLY sick last night out of no where. All the sudden I had a migraine and horrid stomach cramps (which, incidentally, also happened on NYE... is it going around?) I ended up falling asleep halfway through the first episode of Friday Night Lights that Nick and I were watching, and then going to bed way early. And of course, today, I have [the other kind of] yucky cramps. This is not my week, apparently! 


Has anyone (besides Ilene) felt the winter blues lately? It seems like I have. Especially since being back on campus, where I am generally a loner, I tend to get a little sad during the cold season. I also tend to second guess myself a lot during this time of year, as well as being much more critical of myself than usual. How do you guys tend with winter blues? <3

Also, today I had an appointment to get my eyebrows waxed (as I do every four weeks) and I totally missed it. They just called all "we had you down for a 2:15 wax today and it's now 2:25." UGH. Stupid week, when will you end!!

Also, also, guess what I just had to take away from my Chihuahua? A TUBE OF TOOTHPASTE. Yes, that's right, Crest Whitening Formula (we do what we can), still in the box. I have a feeling that had he eaten said tube of toothpaste, he would have had SERIOUS health problems. I don't understand him one bit. He is now trying to figure out how to get the blanket off the back of the couch so he can take a nap. Silly dog.

I apologize for ranting to those of you who read this entire post. Hopefully expelling said rant will get it out of my system! Luckily, Nick and I have pretty awesome plans for the rest of the weekend. On Saturday, I have to work 8-2, but then we are heading to the outlet mall to pick up some shirts for him, and maybe a new bag for me! And, as it turns out, through working at PetsMart, I get a free, 8-week puppy training course! I got Guillermo signed up (hopefully to work on his eating un-natural things & resource guarding problem) to start this Sunday. We are really excited to see how much he will learn!

Hey, weekend! You can come any time! 

Hope everyone has a fantastic rest of the week, and an even better weekend!

xoxo S


  1. Our dog does the same thing - pulls the blanket off the back of the couch to make a nest. :) hehe Hope you get to feeling better, friend!!


  2. Your dog is so into eating things that aren't food.

    Honestly, I love winter. I almost never get "the winter blues." I love having an excuse to be solitary & at home...

  3. mandy, they are so silly!

    kate - i KNOW. what the HECK, guillermo?? also, I am jealous of your non-blue winter. ;)

  4. I agree this week blows. I'm looking forward to the weekend too. I know spring will be here any moment. (I hope)


  5. I get the winter blues big time. My parents actually bought me a sun lamp [] a few years back and it really helps when the sun just refuses to come out and play. I really want one of those timed daylight lamps that gradually get brighter to mimic a nice sunrise when it's dreary out.

  6. what a GREAT idea! thank you so much! i never considered trying this... <3

  7. The winter blues have hit me quite hard this year. Being home now, I feel even more cooped up and desperately want to just be outside under the sun.

    Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  8. Thanks, Ashley :) I hope you have a great weekend, also!


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