Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Wednesday Wonders v.10

1. Sad (twist tie-free) puppy. Daddy went to work, puppy got sad.

2. My phone cover(s) finally came in the mail. Yes, they sent me two. Yes, I only paid 26 cents for them. (???)

3. I can haz this?

4. I want my hair to be this color FOREVER.

5. Pretty yellow gloves courtesy of Tara from This Military Mama and Cold Hands, Warm Hearts!

6. I want this scarf.

7. These... these are the Harry Potter icons I have just downloaded for my mac. JEALOUS??

8. Pretty JAVOedge Kindle 2 cover FINALLY came in the mail!! <3 <3

Happy Wednesday!! 

photos from weheartit! + my camera ;)


  1. oo love that polka dot scarf! xoxo jcd

  2. you are too cute! love that shade of red for hair too - i def want to do that sometime this yr (prob after i get married) and in love with that mustard colored scarf!

  3. i love those fingerless gloves!! :) and i want that puppy, too! <3


  4. thanks, ladies! kate, i HIGHLY suggest that you get one. I love mineeee.

    ilene, ahhh!! they would look so great together!!

    mandy, if you get him, I want to be friends with him ;)

  5. love the scarf and that dog is so beautiful...what color is that?

  6. I also love your hair color!
    and the puppy in the leaves pic? So cute!

  7. Everything is soooo cute! I found you through twitter...and I love your blog. Please feel free to stop over at mine and learn random things about me. That sounded super narcissist :)...oh well...glad I found your blog..its super sweet! Take Care...Hearts, Janna Lynn

  8. i WISH that was my hair color! it's just a picture i found on weheartit, though :-\

    and thanks, janna!!


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