Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday Wonders v.9

These are just a few things that [mostly] have made me really excited the past week.5....

1. this pretty piece of art reminiscent of the ones i showed you here. 
lynzie posted this on my facebook and i think it's awesome. of course, neither
of us can take credit for this, but i am unsure of the site it came from! 

2. got this from Nick's dad for Christmas, and we have basically 
been playing it non stop since the 25th... we've already beat 2 years
and are well on our way to beating the third!

3. this pretty picture of candles that i took a long time ago. i recently 
found this on my computer and liked it!

4. NEW jeans. i love getting new jeans.

5. screen cap of my Google homepage. I love that you can change the skins, now.
This one is so pretty!

6. don't forget about the giveaway! only three more days to get your entries in :)

7. almost 100 readers... just ONE away! this makes me really happy + thankful!

8. lastly, this is Guillermo. you all know him, right? i talk about him enough.
anyways, yesterday we took him to the vet to get his leg checked out before we begin
physical therapy. well. it turns out that they found something peculiar in his
belly when they did the xray.... a twisty tie. this is actually pretty serious, after considering
the ridiculous fact that he decided it was a delicious snack... it has potential for puncturing his
intestine, and if we aren't careful (this means giving him the correct foods to make it safe
to travel through his system) then he may have to have another surgery. 

please say some prayers/send us good thoughts! 
*silly guillermo...*


  1. I'm pretty sure that harry potter game would take my nerdery to a whole new level :)
    And I have to say that Guillermo is the cutest. Just the cutest! What a sweet little guy!

  2. he looks so cute in that picture. poor little thing...hope it passes smoothly!

  3. thank you, ladies :) we are hoping for the same thing, jen! im very worried about him, but i will definitely keep everyone posted!

  4. olly moss is the artist behind the now panic artwork :)
    he's just amazing!
    always got that little 'momo in my heart!

  5. Your dog is ADORABLE! I hope the twisty tie makes it safely out.

    Oh, and I have that first image on a shirt. Well, it's technically my boyfriend's shirt but I wear it more. :P

  6. that silly dog of yours, he just can't seem to stay out of trouble! I'll think good thoughts for him, and I'm also currently trying to hide anything in my room that my cat might decide to eat...

  7. mary rebecca - that shirt is awesome and i want it. NOW. ;)

    jackie - he really can't! sometimes i shake my head at him.... thank you!! <3

  8. Congrats on almost 100 readers! :) And I love LOVE LOVE getting new jeans. It's my fave thing ever<3

  9. congrats on almost 100 readers, friend!! and i am praying for your little pup!!

  10. thank you! this really means a lot. i am hoping that with this many people sending good thoughts, the universe cannot possibly ignore it.

  11. i love new jeans too!!! it's the best feeling - esp when you find a pair you love. :)

  12. yes it is! i have been buying this same pair for a while :) they are the perfect fit and really cute!


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