Tuesday, December 07, 2010

there's a giveaway looming on the horizon...

Hey, y'all! I want to present another opportunity to those crafty ladies out there.
I am well on my way to 100 followers, and I am SO excited to do a huge giveaway 
when I get there.

I want to open my blog to those ladies who would like to give themselves a little extra [free!] boost! 

When I reach 100 followers, I am offering a huge giveaway + feature spot for anyone who wants to take part alongside my own giveaway. This includes: 

* feature/interview to be posted the day of the giveaway
*giveaway opportunity with an item of your choice
*button of your choice to be added to the giveaway sponsor link 

**Winner(s) will receive something made by me as well as some awesome handmade prizes.

If you are interested: please email me here to register yourself!
Thanks, everyone! I have filled all ten spots! 
Keep an eye out for the 12 item 
giveaway in a few weeks! <3

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. So I READ your blog, but I wasn't actually following it, yet. I am so sorry! I quickly amended that mistake :)

  2. hehe! that's okay! thanks for your support! i am really excited about the giveaway :)

  3. i follow your blog... but i never read it!!!
    i'm a bad seastar. this changes NOW.


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