Thursday, December 09, 2010


It has probably been the longest week of my life, this week. With only 6 days of student teaching left, you can bet I have been hurrying them along. And you can also bet that since I have been hurrying them along, they have been
d   r   a   g   g   i   n   g.  I am having a real moral dilemma... should I do something nice for the kids on my last day? I want to... but do they deserve it? Ideas/suggestions are welcome. I was considering letting them watch a movie and just chill out since my last day is their last day before Christmas, also, and after three days of six two-hour exams... Since next week is exams, and Holly has me not teaching this week, I have basically just been sitting around the classroom a lot, grading *late* papers and reading Harry Potter, and working on that awesome giveaway I posted the other day!

Speaking of which... I wanted to go into a little more explanation for you guys about that! Since I am quickly approaching 100 followers, I really wanted to celebrate by helping 10 other bloggers/crafters get their shops and blogs known as well. I figured that since you all have supported me so much, I want to give back a little. [I never expected for Femmena Mala to come this far... Thank you guys so much!]

PLUS? Giveaways are fun. Especially when they are in the masses :) I am so astounded at how quickly the spots have filled up, and there's only one more left! (if you want to take part in featuring your shop, read more here!) [the giveaway is full! thanks, guys! <3] The giveaway is going to go up around Christmastime, because, DUH. Anyhow, I am SO excited about it. This is my first giveaway since the teeny tiny one I did back in... September? About 6 people entered, and I gave away a mixed CD with a handmade sleeve. It was very fun, but I am excited to do the same thing on a much larger scale this time!

Back to the topic at hand... I know I haven't posted about my new job recently, or really posted anything significant about my life at all in the last few weeks, but I have been SO busy and extremely tired ALL. THE. TIME. But, the job is going awesomely. I have been getting the perfect amount of hours, and having money for once is such an awesome feeling. Plus? I get to play with puppies all day long and who wouldn't want to be paid to do that? I am learning a lot about animals, and have already found out some better ways that Nick and I can improve our care for Guillermo. [Who, by the way, is still not using his bad leg, and we are seriously thinking that we'll need to get him those water physical therapy sessions after Christmas, when the cash is somewhat flowing again... such a bad dog!]

ALSO. I am getting so, so, so excited about Christmas, and I am seriously counting down the days until I can give all these awesome presents that are mounting in my bedroom to their respective giftees! I bought the prettiest wrapping paper from Target for really cheap last week, and I can't wait to get some pretty red ribbon to set it off... pictures to come!

Also, ALSO! I won a really awesome giveaway at Roxy's blog, grrfeisty, the other day from Mary Rebecca's etsy shop! I am not going to give anything away here, but I am so, so, so excited to blog about it when it comes in the mail!! Let's just say I was clapping my hands and bouncing in my seat when I found out... eee! <3

Shew. If you guys got to the bottom of this, my love for you is renewed, and you are teh awesome.

<3 S


  1. congrats for your winning! :)

  2. thanks, susanne! i can't wait to share about it :)

  3. Looking forward to your giveaway! :)

  4. me too! i kinda wish i was winning some of the stuff....

  5. Congrats on your win! So fun winning giveaways! {can't wait to enter your upcoming giveaway :)

    I love Christmas just as much and I'm running around getting stuff done. Although since we got back I haven't had time to decorate the house {that will be done tomorrow!!} I love decorating for Christmas!

    Hope the last days of student teaching go by quickly!

  6. thanks, me too!! i can't wait to open my package from you!


  7. I think giveaways are truly some of the happiest things on earth!

    also, quick question: are the ten people allowed to enter in the other nine giveaways besides their own? just curious!

  8. hmmm, yes! I suppose that would make it the most fun!

  9. wow you got some great giveaway prizes!! and yay for nearly a 100 followers - that is HUGE and so exciting. :)

  10. Thanks, Ilene! I am very, very excited! :)

  11. Aw, man! I missed it!

  12. no worries, girl! i will totally make an exception for you if you want to include something in the giveaway! just email me :)


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