Thursday, December 16, 2010

student teaching is over. forever.

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and part of me is going to miss it! I stayed home from school today for the funeral that I mentioned on Sunday, and it just so happens that it's really icky out. Consequently, Nick is working from home for this reason, and being snowed in with him is positively one of the best parts of winter. <3

Since I stayed home today, this means that Friday is my last day of student teaching. While I am so happy to be finished with it, to have a relief for the long days and tired nights, small paychecks and headaches, I do believe that I will actually miss some of my kids on Monday morning when I don't have to drag myself out of bed at 7 am and get to school. Well. Maybe not Monday, as that is a little soon. Probably more like.... Tuesday or Thursday. We'll see. ;) 

When I was there last, on Wednesday, one of the kids in my 3rd bell (not that I have favorites, but they are my favorite...) let it slip that they are having a surprise party for me during class on Friday. Of course, it's not like I wouldn't have found out because 4th bell, one of our loudest and most obnoxious, couldn't seem to keep their mouths quiet while the sign up sheet was going around. I was bound to find out, but I am really touched that Holly thought of me! I definitely have to get her something for Christmas before I go. Any ideas?

It has been a LONG road, and I am happy to be finished with this part of the journey. I am eager to take classes again and not have practicum or field placements fogging up my studying time. I am taking four classes this quarter, enough to make me full time (to keep my student loan and my parents health insurance). I'll be taking British Lit, News Writing and Reporting, Human Sexuality (a psych course), and Intro to Communication. These are all classes (besides the journalism class) that I slacked on in Freshman or Sophomore year and am now taking the opportunity to repeat in order to get a better grade. 

I am really proud of myself, because after making the deans list and almost straight As for the last year and a half, I have finally gotten my GPA to a 3.0. If there's any advice I can give those just starting college? Don't skip class. If you're tired? Get a red bull. Don't skip class. It really was the worst thing I could have done, a giant waste of money, and I had to work extra hard later in order to get my GPA even close I know it should be. And I still know I could have done much better than a 3.0 if I had put the time and effort in from the very beginning. Either way, I am ready to celebrate when I have that diploma and teaching license in my hot little hand come March 19! 

In other news, my Christmas shopping is completely finished, and I can't wait to divvy them out! Nick and I are exchanging presents on the night before Christmas eve, because I have special plans that I will definitely share when that night comes to pass :) 

What is your favorite thing to do while snowed in?
What are you wishing to be under the Christmas tree?

Happy Thursday, friends! <3


  1. aw good for you! enjoy your time off. :)

    fave thing to do while snowed in - make hot chocolate and watch the snow fall and pile up outside my window (but i wont get to do that this year...cuz SC rarely gets snow!)

    wishing to be under the tree - giftcards so i can go shopping without feeling guilty. hehe.

    merry christmas, friend!!

  2. ohhh that sounds so nice! i want to have some hot chocolate today :) i hope you get what you're wishing for! <3 merry christmas!

  3. Yay!! It will be so nice to have the student teaching behind you :). Back when we lived in MI, we got snowed in every once in a while. We liked to pop in a movie and cozy up with some hot chocolate!

  4. that sounds really awesome :) happy snow day!

  5. i WISH i ever got snowed in. today in los angeles it was in the 70s. i know, i know, my life is SO HARD with weather in the 70s, haha. but really, it's december, and all i want to do is cuddle up with some hot chocolate and a cozy sweater!

  6. That's so exciting for you! I can't wait to go back to school next September to get my Bachelor of Education, working in Korea has definitely cemented my love for teaching. And I'm sure you'll miss at least a few of the kids!

    Enjoy your winter break!

  7. jackie - that sounds really nice! the boyf and i are planning to visit CA in March :) do you live anywhere near Monterey Bay?

    Tara - that is so awesome. I am glad you were able to get that inspiration! i would love to hear how it goes :) thank you!

  8. Congratulations on getting your GPA up! That's no easy feat!

  9. no it really isn't! thank you!! <3


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