Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday Wonders v.7

1. Remember when Nick and I were watching each season of Seinfeld? In the comments, 
leave as many episodes as you can identify :) 

2. Hello, good-looking lad. 

3. The 7th movie poster is epic, and I can't wait to seeee itttt.

4. WHO did this sketch? Because REALLY. It's amazing.

5. Want an awesome headband like this one? (this is on my xmas list,
even though I already have 2 in different colors...) Find them here! 

6. Do you guys read Cake Wrecks? It's definitely on my blog roll, and has
brightened countless mornings.

7. From my bestie, Nicole. She is amazing <3 She says this 
picture reminded her of me, and you can find out why here

8. Something I came home to this week from my awesome boyfriend. 
Could I get any luckier?

9. I want to make butterbeer over Christmas. Anyone have a good recipe?

10. HOLY WOW. I want this bedroom.

I have no sources for you. These pictures are via a google search, and my camera!


  1. aw what a great list!! cake wrecks - never heard of it but it looks hilarious already!! yay for HP!!!

    and thanks for the sweet shout-out, friend. :)
    happy wednesday!!

  2. they are very funny! i hope you check them out :)

    and DUH. you deserve it. thanks for being awesome! <3

  3. That bedroom is divine, & even though I don't remember enough episodes of "Seinfeld" to be able to identify them, that illustration is epic!

  4. mmmm I want butterbeer too! apparently they serve it at harrypotter world in orlando...i'm sure someone has gotten a recipe from there!

  5. Agreed on both accounts, Kate!

    travelgirl - I know someone who used to work there! I am going to ask her :)

  6. Oh my goodness, thank you for cake wrecks, it is hilarious!

    Also, HP FINALLY comes out in my city tonight, and a bunch of my friends and I are going to see it... I've been waiting FOREVER!

  7. im glad you enjoyed it! im glad you get to see HP finally. I am waiting until i finish book 7... should be in a week or two more! yay!

  8. i'm tellin ya....
    vanilla vodka + cream soda + butterscotch schnaaps.

  9. definitely trying this :)


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