Thursday, December 16, 2010


I entered a contest about 9823 weeks ago to get a Christmas card from Sophia Kinsella. You know, the one I talked about here, here, and here? [and a few other places, too] You see, I am slightly obsessed, and have read her series of books TWICE. Plus all the other books she has written that are NOT in the Shopaholic series. WELL, either they just decided to give everyone who entered one, OR I WON THE CONTEST! I got a personalized, handwritten, and autographed Christmas card from the lady, herself! <3

PLUS! Kate [who is recently, newly employed! congrats!] from Suburban Sweetheart took the time to send me one, too! I am in love with Christmas cards. Love, love, love! Thanks, Kate! <3

After a night of sitting in traffic for 40 minutes, arriving at the wrong church, and completely missing the visitation and the memorial service that I was supposed to attend, tonight, this was such an improvement. So happy to come home to these. Thanks for making my night, ladies! <3


  1. Nice!
    I've read most of the "Madeline Wickham" books that I've found through the library- I just finished A Desirable Residence and liked it. Her non Sophie K books I think have more diverse characters which I like... I have slowly grown a bit tired of the "shopaholic" character. THe writing itself is hilarious though. Have you read any Jenny Colgan?

  2. I have also read all of the MW books :) I would whole-heartedly agree that MW characters are more diverse, but I am absolutely in love with Becky Bloomwood (nee Brandon) ;) I will probably read the series again in the future. Have you read Cocktails for three? Or Twenties Girl? Or Sleeping Arrangements? You totally should!!

  3. Congratulations!
    that is so exciting.
    I am sorry you missed the visitation
    but life has a keen way of giving us little surprises when we most need them
    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly

  4. thanks, morgan :) I miss you! <3

  5. I don't think I've ever read a Sophie Kinsella book. Perhaps they should be next on my list?


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