Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcome! To me!

Welcome to my new blog. I decided that the one over at LiveJournal was riddled with posts that came from a harder time in my life and I needed a change!

SO, the things in my life.

I have such a great life right now. A completely FANTASTIC boyfriend, Nick; a BEAUTIFUL Chihuahua baby, Guillermo; and so many, many wonderful friends.

My birthday just passed, and I got an Amazon Kindle from my parents and boyfriend.

In one and a half weeks, I have read four and a half books. I have gotten really into Gemma Townley lately, and have read three of her books already. I am currently on the third book in a series by her.

Just your average British chick lit. It doesn't take a lot of concentration or effort to read and is amusing and entertaining. Much like one of my favorites, Sophie Kinsella. She wrote the Shopaholic series, which is one of the best. ;) Not your typical high school English teacher reads, I suppose, but still fun!

Next week I start my first full time teaching experience as a student teacher at one of our local public high schools. A little intimidating! Numerous updates as it progresses...!


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