Monday, December 27, 2010

Remember that time I went to Bonnaroo? Twice? [image heavy]

Well. I did. WE did! And the time is drawing nearer for the tickets to go on sale, and for us to spend ridiculous amounts of money on them. This year is the 10th anniversary, and I am really excited to see what the lineup is going to be like. HOWEVER. Dilemma: I graduate in March, but since there will still probably be snow on the ground, the commencement is not until June. Bonnaroo and the graduation ceremony are on the same weekend. Why is this a dilemma? Because Nick and I have made a pact to go five consecutive years, and on the fifth year, we will have earned the privilege (and probably the $$) to rent an RV instead of baring the hot, hot sun. [If you were wondering, last year I got sun poisoning. I spent the entire last day shaking and chugging water. When we got home? I was covered in HUGE blisters and had to get a cortizone shot to take away the swelling in my face..] ANYWAYS. What would you do? To go or not to go?

Here are some pictures from the last two years...

on the drive there...

drying our sleeping bags after the torrential downpour

my feet/legs were CONSTANTLY this muddy

amazing tagging everywhere you looked

pretty Bonnaroo fountain painted a different color every year

Ted Leo + the Pharmacists 

roo bracelets

ted leo

Nick's sunburn!

pretty artwork that hundreds of people collaborated on. including us!  

mine, of course


andrew bird




really close

which stage (there is also what stage, that tent and this tent! this is very confusing)

band of horses

band of horses again..





and again.. 


love this picture. 

the fountain in 2010! 




I didn't take many pictures the second time around. I'm not sure why. But I won't let that happen this year if we go! Seriously, these were some of the best times of my life. I strongly suggest that you experience this if you can. ;)

xoxo S

P.s. if you made it to the bottom of this? I applaud you. Don't forget about the giveaway! Only 4 days left to enter :) 


  1. Ohh, tough call. I've never been but have considered it in the past. Good luck!

  2. SO jealous that you got to see regina specktor play...she is my favorite. as for the graduation dilemma that is a toughie... usually they last a few hours and then you spend the rest of the day with friends or family basking in your accomplishment (NICE) buuuuut if you've made a tradition out of going to this festival then i wouldnt want to miss that either (although PLEASE do rent a RV or something..sun poisoning sounds horrible. are there any other festivals you'd consider going to instead of bonnaroo?? maybe you can just switch it up then you can go to both. -jcd

  3. good advice! we have looked into other festivals, and even went to two last summer! but bonnaroo always seems to have the perfect lineup. i wouuuuuld like to hang out with my family, but i think we would totally still have a party AND i told them i would get pictures done... eeep! i still cant decide! i htink i have to wait to see the lineup first ;)


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