Sunday, December 26, 2010

happy post-Christmas!

WOW. It was an incredible Christmas. Of course, we had a thousand places to go and a million people to see, but it was a really awesome day, and I still have a few more people to celebrate with! I got to surprise a lot of people (namely my dad with his Kindle, which he LOVED; Lynzie with her assorted goodies) and I was certainly surprised. I got so many wonderful things, and I can't wait to make use of them all. I am so thankful for everything!! Nick's dad (I'm sure, with the help of someone privy to all things xbox, *ahem, Brandon*) got me Lego Harry Potter for xbox, and this was one of the things I was greedily hoping for most. I have played it for a few hours already and omg. It's awesome and I love it. [I also got the boxed set of HP DVDs from Brandon, which, omg I am SO excited about! I didn't own any of them before now!]

Nick's dad also surprised Lynzie and Brandon with the new wood flooring for their home, and I can tell they are really excited about it. I'm really happy for them! He surprised Nick with the air-conditioner to replace the broken one in his car, and I know Nick is happy about that. All-in-all, it was awesome to spend time with people we love while simultaneously making them smile with thoughtful gifts. Yay for Christmas!!

What did you all get for Christmas?
What was your favorite memory this year?


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(I originally had Jan 31 on the giveaway post on accident... woops!)

Merry Christmas! <3


  1. Happy post Christmas to you too!We stayed at home, enjoying family time and fab food!

  2. I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas! We have one more day in Ohio with family.

  3. Sounds like lots of lovely surprises! (I'm such a sucker for surprises and it's so hard to surprise Chris when I try to get him things like new tires for his bike but had NO idea what he I had to ask him! :( Boo.)

  4. i hate that! i have had to tell Nick, too. sometimes i think he's going to buy it for himself before i get the chance!


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