Friday, December 24, 2010

Things that made me a very happy girl this week: [image heavy]

1. NEW hair!

For the second time in my life (and since I was 18) I cut off all (or most) of my hair. The first time it was 13 inches, this time, 11. I LOVE it. I am so happy with the result. Last night, my best friend, Lauren, helped me dye it. EEE!

I was so nervous when I was waiting for Gina to come get me; I almost changed my mind. Now I am happy that I didn't! Also, the hair that I cut off was long enough to donate to locks of love! (I hope you guys aren't squeamish... there's something yucky about hair the second it leaves your body...)

I am having lots of fun getting used to styling it again. And it's so.... light. I have really thick hair, so to lose that much is definitely noticeable! 

2. NEW ink! 

I haven't been tattooed in over a year and a half. You can read about my other ink here. This was really exciting for me, and yes, this phrase, 'Felix Felicis,' is from Harry Potter ;) It's a lucky potion that makes its appearance in the sixth book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It's also latin for "lucky luck" or "lucky me." I love how this tattoo turned out, although I can already see that I will need to go back to have it touched up. Apparently, the wrist (or any place that flexes regularly) pulls out the color of a tattoo quickly. These pictures are from when it was very fresh and since then there are a few very light places! I can't wait until it's totally finished, though :) 

3. Wine + xbox with Nick

This week was spent playing countless hours of xbox with Nick, and one one night in particular, we included a bottle of wine. Best night, ever. And the little penguin Cabernet Merlot is SO tasty. I highly recommend it! 

4. the giveaway!  

FINALLY getting to post that giveaway I have been annoying you all about for so long! Go check it out. There are tons of things to win, and even if you donated something, you can still enter to win one of the other really awesome things! Just click here to see it! 

5. Gift exchange with my best friends. 

Every year since I was a sophomore in high school (and even younger for some of the other girls involved!) we have been going to LaRosa's (for those of you that don't live in Cincinnati, it's a Cincinnati staple, Italian restaurant) near Christmas for our annual gift exchange. There are usually about 11 or 12 of us, but every year the group has gotten smaller as we get older. This year we had SO much fun with just the five of us... this is how it went:

(Ilene, she is totally sporting your headband here. 
She opened her Christmas present right before we left!)

How was your week? Have a fantastic Christmas!  
Happy Christmas Eve!! <3


  1. merry christmas, seestar!
    can't wait to have our.... 3rd[!!!] annual christmas together!
    hope you like your presents <3

  2. i <3 you! can't wait to see you :)

  3. Your new hair looks amaaaaazing!

  4. LOVE the haircut! mine is pretty similar actually :) i hope you have a wonderful christmas. xoxo jcd

  5. Your new hair looks awesome!! AND I LOVE THAT TATTOO!!

  6. you guys are so nice to me :) thank you all!! <3 <3 <3

  7. LOVE the hair! Seriously. It looks SO good =] Merry Christmas!!!

  8. woman, that hair is adorable.

  9. larissa - THANK you!! merry christmas :)

    Jackie - thank you!! <3

  10. thank you, thank you! i love it! :)

  11. Love the tattoo!


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