Thursday, December 02, 2010

[christmas came early]

Guys? When I say that I have met some of the most amazing ladies and friends via the blogging community? I mean it. Guillermo and I came home to SEVERAL gifts this week. I can't begin to explain how absolutely blown away by the kindness of these lovely ladies I am surrounded with!

FIRST of all, Marie Bee from The Blue Balloon sent me one of her beautifully crafted handmade lovelies, which I cannot go into detail about here because it is a Christmas present! She claimed it was damaged and not fit for sale, and was up to the first person who claimed it. I happened to be that person, and WOW. Hardly damaged (as in, you can't tell at all) and absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to show it later :)

THEN... Remember Kate? From Suburban Sweetheart? She saw that Christmas Wishlist I posted last week, and granted a wish, right off the bat. See those amazing red TOMS at the very bottom of my wish list? I have been coveting them for months, but since they are so expensive and because of Guillermo's surgery, I put off buying them. Kate just so happened to have a red pair of TOMS in size 9 (how convenient) lying around (brand-freakin'-new) that she was ready to give to a new and loving home. HELLO? (Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Kate!!) I love, love, love them. For being my first pair of TOMS, I am totally not complaining. [p.s. they fit perfectly]

Also, do you know Danielle? From Fancy Biscuit? (If you don't, you will on Tuesday! Check back for her Bloggin' Ladies feature on 12/7!)She is doing a little lovely giveaway of awesome Polaroids to the first people who asked. I immediately signed up because, who doesn't love getting snail mail? This is what I got: 

Those little cards came in the envelope, as well. Side one says: "what is round on the end and high in the middle?" Side two says: "ohio." The script under the picture says: "stephanie - marvelous things await." This lady is seriously talented. Thank you, Danielle, for making my night that much more awesome!! 

And FINALLY: My amazing sister-in-law animated me as a sneak peak to my future (probably spring) blog makeover. Isn't Guillermo the CUTEST??? (Thanks, Lynz!!)

I am so thankful for all of you awesome ladies. I truly, truly appreciate you!! Happy early Christmas!! <3


  1. So glad they fit. :) They needed a home!

  2. i'm so happy little hare is going to a nice, new home!

  3. Anonymous12:17 AM

    awww yay! love my corny jokes! haha! you are too sweet girl!

  4. Love your new TOMS, and can't wait to see your Blue Balloon necklace!

  5. Awww! That's so awesome! =] What a buncha sweethearts.

  6. thanks, guys! i am really thankful :)

  7. great image, your sister-in-law is pretty talented!


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