Saturday, November 27, 2010


Now that Thanksgiving is over, all you naysayers can officially agree that it's the Christmas season. I'm here to share my wishlist with you :) So, HA.

1. Taylor Swift CDs. I am a new fan of hers, and, duh, I want to listen more.
2. Amazon gift card so I can has bookz.
3. All things Vera Bradley in Baroqe (minus and purses/handbags because, ew.)
4. Forget Me Knot ring. I have wanted one of these for years. SO pretty.
5. 21 in. iMac, please. Thanks.
6. A brother for Guillermo.
7. A Guillermo who uses all four of his legs! This is what I want MOST.
8. All the Harry Potter movies for my own personal collection.
9. That pretty green case for my Kindle.
10. Vegetarian Times and The Vegetarian Journal
11. SO many books I want to read.
12. TOMS in red. I have been coveting these for MONTHS.

P.s. It's Guillermo's birthday, today. Happy first birthday, Guillermo! Love, mom. <3


  1. books! I love that part! :)

  2. me too :) i have about 50 on my list, i hope i get some!

  3. I have a pair of red TOMS that I have literally NEVER WORN. What size are you? Want 'em? Maybe not the same as brand new ones, but they are literally... well, brand new.

  4. Awww, happy birthday to Guillermo! Add wanting him to walk on all 4s to MY christmas wish list too! And Taylor Swift's new album is DEFINITELY one of my guilty pleasures!

  5. Kate - You are the awesomest.

    Crystal - Thank you! That is so sweet :) He used it a lot today, so we think he's getting courages about it!!


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