Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Just wanted to drop in and say "Hello!" to the new followers around here! Tonight marked the most hits Femmena Mala has ever had, and a few new faces have turned up, too!
[Hello to you FM veterans, also. Still thankful and love you all! <3]

Please comment, email, tweet, facebook etc etc etc to your heart's desire! 
If you ARE new around here, take a minute to introduce yourself, and get to know the girl behind Femmena Mala. There are some awesome tabs at the top for your reading pleasure. Most importantly, check out the Bloggin' Ladies series that I have been doing on some other awesome ladies across the web.

Happy December, friends!

**image via weheartit


  1. I like what you've done with the place! All of your links are awesome. =]

  2. Thanks, Jamie!! :) <3

  3. aw, stephanie!! loving how everything is looking. love the new header and congrats on the new followers and hits. super exciting stuff!

  4. Thank you, Ilene!! I am very excited :)


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