Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday Letters [on Monday] + a cute Chihuahua

I am here, on Monday, to do a Sunday Letter! This week it goes to... an internet friend!

Dear Internet Friends: (Ilene, Kate, Crystal, Danielle M., Danielle H., Mandy and Mandy again, Jamie, and anyone else I may have forgotten, there are so many!)

I couldn't pick just one, because so many of you have helped me so much since starting this blogging journey, and I have met so many awesome, interesting, and smart ladies. I am so thankful that you all have taken time out of your busy schedules and lives to say kind words and to lead me in the right direction! I also want to thank you all for giving me so much inspiration when blogging. I get so many ideas from all of the blogs I read, and it's all thanks to you lovely ladies!


I have so much to do today...*

I really have little time to be writing this blog, but I wanted to let all of you know that Guillermo got his stitches out on Saturday, and the little guy is doing really great! Right now, he is curled up under a blanket on my lap while I type. He has been so snuggly and cute, and I can tell he is so happy to not have to wear his cone anymore! 

Happy Monday, friends! 

**image via weheartit


  1. awwww <3 glad to hear your puppy is doing well! what a cute name!

  2. I like today's Sunday letter a lot! :) And I'm quite glad Guillermo gets to be cone-free.

  3. Thanks, ladies!! :) <3

  4. aw glad to hear the lil' guy is doing better! he looks so cute curled up in that blanket!!

  5. I like Sunday letters on Monday. haha. =]

    I'm glad Guillermo is doing well! <3

  6. Thanks, Jamie and Ilene :) He has so much energy now, I know he's feeling better. We are going to start PT this weekend!

  7. I love your Sunday Letters!

    Your puppy is also adorable!

  8. thank you! you're awesome, and I'm so glad that Guillermo is getting better :)

  9. Thank YOU, Crystal! <3

  10. Oh gosh, what a sweet little puppy!

  11. aww! thank you :) he is my pride and joy


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