Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bloggin' Ladies: Sometimes Sweet

Yay, Tuesday! This has seriously become one of my favorite blogging days of the week, because I get to learn so much more about the ladies I read all the time. This week, it's Danielle from Sometimes Sweet. She is basically the sweetest and most helpful girl, ever, and is so, so cute! 

Danielle, 28 years old, http://sometimessweet.blogspot.com

What is something interesting about you? 
Hmm, well I am about to become a first time Mom, that's pretty interesting to me!  My son is due in a week, so he could arrive any day now. 

Why did you begin blogging? 

I've always blogged, way back into the 90s with livejournal, and for me it's a wonderful creative outlet.  I love having a place to document my life, and I think that is probably the best thing about keeping a journal, and what prompted me to begin one in the first place.  It's so wonderful to be able to look back and know where you've been; in a way it's a good indicator of where you are going.

How long have you been blogging? 
10+ years, but about 3 on blogspot.

Who is your inspiration for writing? 
My inspiration can be found everywhere.  I'm a former English teacher so I find inspiration in many different types of literature and authors, and also from my friends' blogging endeavors.  

Where do you get your ideas? Somewhere inside this little head of mine!  My brain is always going.

Do you have any advice that you want to share with fellow lady bloggers? 
Be yourself; be genuine...that's the best advice I could give any blogger. Oh, and write about what YOU like, not about what you think you should be writing about. 

What is one thing you are looking forward to most in your future (blog or otherwise)? 
Hmm, blog-wise I'd say just basically documenting this next chapter of having a son.  And to add on that but move into "real life," I'm so excited to see my husband as a Dad, and I am really looking forward to all of this "newness."  It's SO exciting.

Thanks, Danielle! Check her out, guys. She is awesome! 


  1. oh i like this girl!
    headed to her blog now! :)

  2. I love Danielle's blog! Cute interview. :)


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