Saturday, November 13, 2010

Maybe I am a little weird...

but typing is a whole more fun when your finger nails are freshly painted.

I didn't get to share on Thursday, but I had a DELICIOUS veg lunch from the culinary department of Dater, the adjoining school to the one I am teaching. It was a salad bar and vegetarian minestrone for only $6. 

Don't mind that the salad is half eaten - I was already diggin' in before I thought to snap a picture. The chef and students in the culinary arts class are seriously so talented. Everything I have eaten from there is so delicious, and they ALWAYS offer a vegetarian option. A couple weeks ago they had a portabella soup and omg. It was delicious. 

Today, Nick and I took Guillermo to the vet to get his little stitches removed. Other than being so so scared, he did really well! Everyone said he looked pretty chubby (from laying around so much!) but other than that, he is healing up nicely and they vet said it will take a whole month before he starts getting comfortable using his leg completely. Poor little guy.

Before the vet, Nick and I traveled to St. Bernard to have a consultation about getting dreads in his hair. Then we went to Kroger for some Starbucks - I had a Peppermint Mocha Latte and Nick had a Gingerbread Latte. They were both so delicious, in part because of the pretty red holiday cups! 

After Starbucks, we walked over to WaldenBooks and picked up the second Harry Potter in paperback so that I could keep reading! I have all of the books in hardcover, but after reading some of them them 8-10 times (during gradeschool/high school), there are a few that are completely falling apart and utterly non usable. SO! Perfect excuse to gift myself the paperback collection, too! 

P.S. Those glasses I am wearing? New! I can't find a great picture, or really take one of myself because of the light in this apartment, but I love them! They are two shades of purple, and so so pretty.

Happy Saturday, friends! 


  1. oh, who wouldnt have Potter-collection twice, haha

  2. yes for HP! just one more weekend away!oh and your killing me with those starbucks images - im craving one now!

  3. Love the glasses! I'm reading the "Hunger Games" series. Have you read them??

  4. Ilene - we had a chipotle date, today, too! I thought of you ;)

    Susanna - you should think about having two HP collections!

    Kate - I took a class last year called "Teaching YA Lit in Secondary Schools," and one of our assignments was to read the first book in that series and I just couldn't get into it. But I have heard nothing but good things about all three books. Maybe you could fill me in a little more and get me interested in them?!

  5. You should def. retry the Hunger Games series- so good! I am currently reading Harry Potter for the first time (just finished book 4) and I'm trying to go slow and savor them. I'm so, so obsessed though so it's hard! They're amazing.

  6. I think I will considering all of the good things I have heard!

    I am also trying to savor the books, but they get so much deeper as the series progresses, that it gets easier to absorb and appreciate. The first few books were written for ages 9-12 and the later books were written for older teens, and it definitely shows! I think it's awesome that Rowling followed her original readers throughout the series. Such an amazing set of books.


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