Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tonight: of Montreal!

Tonight, tonight! Is the night!! I am stuck here at school until 7, impatiently awaiting the clock to strike the magic hour. Seven means I can rush to my car, speed, race, tear, drive calmly home to get ready for the show I have been waiting to see since we bought tickets one whole month ago. That’s right, kids. Tonight, as I said before, is THE night. of Montreal at Madison Theatre (BLECH) at 8 pm. Come one, come all!! I cannot wait. Nick, Lynzie, Kas, Brittany, HOPEFULLY Richele and Deqah will all be there, and I hope more of you join us :) As I posted before, I have seen them one other time at Bonnaroo 2009, and since I was plagued with the devil’s disease (vertigo) I hated every minute of the show, and hated them even more when they ended their show with broken instruments and splintered drumsticks. Since then, Nick has patiently and wisely taught me. Taught me to love, love, love this band. They are amazing. I urge you all to listen to this playlist over and OVER again!

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I had a really nice conversation with my mom this afternoon. I asked her if she had seen this blog, and she said yes. And then she told me that I she is a proud of me and that I am an very intelligent person. It was so sweet! (Thanks, Mom! <3 <3 )

In other news, I had a really terrible, stupid, awful nice visit from my supervisor at school during second bell. He seemed to think that I looked terrible, as this is the first thing he said to me this morning. Granted, I emailed him about 18 hours late with my lesson plan yesterday, but I felt pretty good this morning! He was pretty offended that we are reading aloud in most of my bells, but I reasoned with him. He said a few nice things, but not really in a nice way, so I left the meeting feeling a bit discouraged. Holly reassured me, though, and I am hoping that she is right and he is wrong, although I think her opinion might matter a little less than his.

I also had OGT tutoring today, and although only one girl came, she did fantastically. I was so proud of her! We worked on a few pages in our book, and when the practice test came, she got every one right. I am so happy that this tutoring is working for some. On the other hand, since I began this, my first and only student (for a while) has stopped coming every day, and has become more and more disruptive in class, and has also stopped turning in work. It is sad to see this, and I hardly ever know when to assume that there are problems at home, as there so often are, or whether he is just acting out because he is a teenage boy. I suppose these are problems that I will forever be confronted with.

Since tutoring and this lovely supervisor visit, I have been urging the day to go quicker, and the end is almost here! Only one and a half hours before I can leave!

Also: Thank you EVERYONE for stopping by yesterday. I had so many visits to my page, and I am SO thankful. Don't forget to follow!!



  1. Hope you have a great time tonight!
    Let me know how it goes!

    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly

  2. Sorry I couldn't have been there :) I'm sure you all had a blast!

  3. Morgan, It was really fun, but totally not what I expected! Wish you could have been there!

    Richele, We did have a LOT of fun! But it would have been so wonderful if you were there :) We should hang out again, this weekend. Last Saturday was so much fun!!


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