Sunday, January 13, 2013

Shoe Review: TOMS Desert Wedge

I bought these shoes for myself on a whim between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I never buy fancy stuff and I RARELY dress up past a scarf and a long necklace with my TOMS or boots. So I thought these were a happy medium that would fill a "dressiness" void in my life while also not veering far from my comfort zone and personality.

First of all, I get a million compliments a day on these shoes when I wear them. At work, grocery shopping, at family get togethers, out to dinner.... AND they feel like sneakers. They are SO incredibly comfortable. The color is gorgeous and goes with everything, and you can really wear them with any outfit.... I wore them to the ballet with black skinny pants and a frilly scarf, and I wear them with jeans on a regular basis to dress up a scarf and tee-shirt outfit.

Bret thinks I'm a hipster because I have such a dedication to TOMS. Well, for serious. I got these awesomely fashion forward shoes, comfort, AND I helped a child in need. How much better does it get? They were a little steep at $80 (for a whim purchase) but worth every penny (on my credit card, who are we kidding). I wear the crap out of these things and even inspired another teacher at work to track down her own brown pair. WIN!

Happy Sunday!
xo Stephanie


  1. Dude, Toms are so comfy. I don't even think I'm at all hipster but you cannot deny how comfortable they are. These are super cute!

  2. Anonymous10:09 AM

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award! I love reading your blog :)


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