Friday, August 31, 2012

Tiny House Peeks

Disclaimer: I'm no photographer, and all I have is an iPhone with Instagram on it, but this is where we live, and I love it. :)

1. Neighborhood watchdog. He almost never leaves his post.

2. Scarf deco.

3. Dining room.

4. Guest room art. (via IKEA)

5. Kitchen deco.

6. Living room library.

7. Newest addition - cookie jar centerpiece

8. Kinda dark, but my favorite little place in the house.


This girl just got married and moved herself to Mississippi with her husband. I miss her so much! 

Happy Friday + have a great long weekend!! <3


  1. I love spying HP on your bookshelf! I am so happy you're happy lady!

  2. I love the peek at your house! The pic of you with your friend is so cute. Sad she is moving away. I hate it when friends move away.


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