Friday, July 13, 2012

Life via Instagram, Lately.

1. Ellaphant drives a car. // 2. Liquid fuel. // 3. Ironic view while running... someone is very clever! // 
4. Cuddling chihuahuas. // 5. Newest addition to my arm.... half sleeve will be finished in a few short weeks!! Hopefully before school starts.... // 6. Makinzie being a creep. Or me being a creep. // 7. iPhone got new clothes! Jonathan Adler is a colorful genius. // 8. Ellaphant is always cute. // 9. Makinzie had a very busy day sometime last week. // 10. Boyfriend made breakfast! // 11. So many boxes. Have been officially moved out of my first apartment for about two weeks. I'll miss it!! // 12. We lost this pretty lady on July 6th. Probably the hardest thing, ever. Miss her so, so much!! // 13. It took a while, but I finally got back into the swing of reading beginning with John Green's The Fault in Our Stars. I highly recommend this book. Sad, but SO good. // 14. I don't know a handsomer person/dog than Guillermo Garcia. // 15. So. Many. Baseball. Games. <3 // 16. Self portrait.


Hope you all are having a fantastic summer! I have about 6 weeks of it left (I can't believe it went so fast) and I intend on using every second of it to continue the things listed above.... Things I am looking forward to:
* Moving into the new house this coming week, finally!
* Reading more books. Lots more. 
* Death Cab show this Sunday!
* Family vacation to Disney and Universal (see: Harry Potter Land) in two weeks!
* Recently quit Petsmart (long, sad story) and starting at The Fresh Market ASAP.

Happy Friday!


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  1. I spy with my little eye an AWESOME tat! Ah so jealous! I'm waiting till the end of summer to get another one (a stack of books on the back of my neck) because I don't want to give up going in the pool while it heals).


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