Monday, January 16, 2012

Apartment DIY: MLK Jr. Day Edition

Happy Monday/MLK Day/No School Day! Hope your long weekend was just as awesome as mine :) Here's what I scoped out on Pinterest this week. Our apartment has actually been coming along very nicely! There are a few empty walls that I still want to fill and the kitchen window desperately needs a curtain, but I'm pretty happy with the progress (especially my bedroom). I've found a lot of stuff at the thrift stores, which you know is an adventure in and of itself that I can't say no to.

Enjoy.... <3

1. Gallery shelf. I have a gallery wall in progress in my bedroom, but there is a HUGE
empty wall in our living room that is begging for some pretty art or a GALLERY SHELF DUH.
I would probably go for something a little more eclectic as far as what I put here, but I love the idea. It's
so much less pressure to find one big piece that would probably be expensive and difficult to hang.

2. Pretty painted lanterns. I don't know how exactly this would work
inside my apartment, but it's pretty, nonetheless. These would be AWESOME
for a barbecue in our backyard, which we are lucky to have. Amirite? I plan on
using it a LOT this next summer.

3. Wooden Frame. I don't generally like to post things from Etsy (found on Pinterest) in my
DIY posts because this is obviously someone else's talent, and you can bet that I don't have the tools
or knowhow to make this. Let's just say that this is a little handmade pretty that I would love to purchase
and put on that gallery shelf from number one. Love.

4. Pretty feather thingy. I want this. In my kitchen. The end.

5. I LOVE this idea. However, I think I would create the clock using.... clocks. Preferably
vintage/thrifted ones that are completely mismatched but awesome looking. I was mostly drawn to the colors in this photo, and the framed scrap art is super cute, but not really my aesthetic. Ideas?


  1. I love everything about pic 1. What a cool sitting area and of course shelf :). That frame isvawesome too and I love your clock idea. Happy Monday to you ;)

  2. I love those lanterns and that clock... wow. I love the idea of making it with clocks!

  3. Thanks, guys! So sweet. I REALLY want to do the clock thing!! I have been looking at the thrift stores for awesome ones. Setting the hands to the time they represent would be a perfect way to create the clock face, too :)

  4. a gallery wall is so on my to do list!!

    life spelled jen


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