Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Music Tuesday

I am annoyed that today is Tuesday because it feels like Wednesday and it's a four day week! 

Here is the music I am obsessed with, lately. Enjoy!! <3 <3 


  1. Hi Stephanie! I was so excited to FINALLY find out who my Cold Hands, Warm Hearts swap partner was so I had to drop by and check out your blog. So happy to see your love She & Him and Florence as well! Never heard of Mates of State so I'm about to take a listen =-)

    Can't wait to go shopping for goodies for you!

    P.S. Harry Potter = AWESOME.

  2. Love these songs! She & Him! OH Zooey, why can't I be as fabulous as her? mates of state is an old fave and Florance is new to me! Thanks dear!

    Ryan @ Thismustbetheplaceryan


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