Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday & Tony

Happy Tuesday, all!! It's been a crazy few weeks. When it hits Wednesday of every week, I think to myself "I can't wait until next week. It will be so much calmer." I am usually almost always wrong. It is never calmer, it is never less busy, it is never less stressful. When is summer break going to be here?

Tomorrow is a pretty special day. You guys remember my brother, right?

Well, apart from tomorrow being the day that I get my very first iPhone (OMG.), tomorrow is the day Tony turns 18. I wanted to write a special post dedicated to him because we have gotten so much closer in the last few years.

When Tony and I were younger (we are 5 years apart) we were never really very close. We didn't talk to each other much (outside regular, familial talk), we didn't really hang out or play together very much, but we argued a LOT. I have always been very regretful about how much our relationship when we were younger lacked, but I am happy to say that as we both have entered adulthood, we have become so close. I tell him everything. He tells me everything (I think). We talk at least once a day, if not more. We are always there for each other, and we love each other so much. I think that since we both have grown up (I'm not so snotty and he's not so annoying, hehe) we have really begun to appreciate each other. I can honestly say that I not only fully appreciate my brother, but I can recognize the things that make him special to me. I think that is the most important thing to have in a sibling relationship.

Sometimes, when we were younger, we would get into blowout fights (we are both pretty headstrong, and it could get pretty rotten at times) our mom would sit us down and say "you two are all you'll have for the rest of your lives. Get along, love each other, grow up." And that is what we did. Granted, we have a lovely 4 year old sister to share the rest of our lives with, Tony and I have a pretty special bond that can only come from sharing 13 years together, just us. 

Tony, you have grown into such an awesome, special, handsome, smart person.
Happy birthday, little brother. I love you so much! <3


  1. this is so precious! and you guys have the prettiest eyes.

    happy birthday, tony!!

  2. That's awesome that you two are so close and this is such a great tribute to him!


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