Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Since last week, from my iPhone. (omg)

This is my last week, via Instagram (which is amazing, by the way).

little owly mascot on my desk // Guillermo, handsome as ever // movies in bed// refrigerator magnets //
work on Sunday (which does not equal funday) // it was calling my name... // Guillermo, the model //
getting in a little bit of HP time during plan bell // It was a cheddar bunnies kinda day...

also, you can find me on Instagram at @femmenamala :)

If you didn't catch on... I finally got one of these:

and got this pretty Speck Candyshell case in Love/Hate Pink.

Jelly? I'm in love.

P.s. PLEASE let me know what your favorite iPhone apps are in the comments! 
I would love to check them out :) 

<3 S 


  1. Such pretty colors. That owl is adorable!

  2. love those fridge magnets!
    :) and OMG, iPhone 4S ! :D Can't wait to own one.. it'll be quite long since its priced really heavy in India.
    But, congrats :)

  3. yay! we're phone twinsies now, since I just got my new iPhone too :-)
    some great free apps: mint (do you use it? its great for keeping track of your $$), flashlight, and the game 1 to 50 is a great time-killer. let me know if you find any other gems!

  4. Love the case! And welcome to the iPhone club!

  5. STEPHANIE! Why didn't you tell me?! ;) haha jk but seriously. Finding you on IG right now!

    I loveee the game Line Birds on my phone. It's super fun and addictive for times of boredom. I also love picframe (which is a great app to have to make fun collages on instagram). =]

  6. Such a cute pooch, as usual. :)

    I just got an iphone one week ago and am keeping it simple, but three apps I have are instagram, wunderlist, and balance (like a check register for your phone).


  7. Wow, thanks, everyone!! I have tried out all the apps, and so far I really love Picrfame and flashlight. I'm not much of a gamer (phone wise), but the ones you guys posted were fun!!

    <3 you all!!

  8. Ahhhh IPHONE IPHONE IPHONE!!!! Sooooo exciting!!!! Here are a few of my favorite apps -

    swackett (it's a weather app)
    scoops (it's a game)

    I hope you're LOVING it so far! Your case is super cute, by the way. :-)


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