Saturday, August 06, 2011


1. The summer days when I'd sit in grandpa's chair while he was volunteering at the museum and watch Under the Umbrella Tree and The Muppets with my grandma. It was the only chance I got to sit in that chair, because as soon as he got home, I knew I'd have to give it up.

2. Sitting on the floor in the living room at my grandparent's house, stacking and unstacking the nesting doll that he kept on the TV stand. It's a conductor, and each doll inside plays a different instrument.

3. The first time I read a Harry Potter book. My birthday was coming, and grandpa had the first two books for me, but he couldn't wait and gave them to me a week early. I read them in two days, and you know the rest..

4. The times after I became obsessed that I'd come to their house and be welcomed with Harry Potter newspaper clippings.

5. Every holiday that we've ever celebrated with his cooking. Lasagna, italian sausage, ravioli, meatballs, olives. It was the same for every occasion, but amazingly delicious every single time. He was an amazing cook.

6. My brother asking grandpa every time we saw him, to go outside and watch him ride the little red tricycle that I'm sure existed through Tony's, mine, and I'm sure some of our uncles lifetimes.

7. Grandpa's love for Jeopardy. Countless times, we suggested that he audition for the show, and each time he refused, but he was the smartest man that I have ever known. I know where my dad gets it.

8. My grandpa's identification with The Grinch. The read sweater he got me one year for Christmas with a giant, embroidered Grinch face on the front. I loved it.

9. His love for Rocky and Bullwinkle, Natasha and Boris. I thought these shows were hilarious, simply because he did. We'd watch them together all the time.

10. A Christmas Story. Every year, on repeat, and grandma and grandpa's house.

11. His generous nature. He was quick to help anyone out, and never held back.

12. His hilarious, and sometimes off-color, jokes. And then his chuckle.

13. His repeatedly asking me if he could cut my hair with a bowl over my head. I never took him up on that, but I always had hilarious visuals of it. :)

These are just a small number of the memories I have been reliving today, I never want to forget
them, so I'm going to document them here.

Thank you all for your support and kind words, here and on Twitter. They mean so, so much! <3


  1. Grandpas are the best. Keep remembering the good times that you had with him....and write them down! (well, I guess that you already did :)). Just in case they start to fade.

  2. Stephanie, you have been blessed with some truly wonderful memories! I have no fear that you will remember them forever. Things like this don't fade. They may seem to grow dim, but then come flooding back in like the water breaking over the beaver's dam; sometimes at a trickle, sometimes at a gush.

    You've shown us a wonderful man. I'm happy for you that he was such an important part of your life!


  3. I'm so sorry for your loss! But it does sound like he lived a long, full life. What an amazing man and what a great relationship you had! You are very blessed and he is in a better place now. Much love to you.

  4. Awww, Stephanie. This is so sweet. <3

  5. This is a wonderful tribute to what surely was a great man. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. the first grandparent [and so far the only] i lost was my maternal grandfather. he passed my senior year of high school and i miss him still. memories sometimes fade but the love you feel never will and that is what i think is the most important part.

    life spelled jen

  7. Thank you guys, so much. You all have been leaving me the most amazing and inspiring comments. I really appreciate it!! It gets me through the day getting emails on my phone, especially during blue times. Love you guys!! <3 <3 <3

  8. this was a really, truly beautiful post! i don't know how i missed it, but i'm glad i [eventually] read. it reminded me a lot of my dad's dad, and stirred some memories of my own that warmed my heart. xoxo

  9. Thanks, Lynzie :) I'm glad I could help you, too!


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