Tuesday, June 07, 2011


This post is pretty much only in existence to put out into the world that I am having HUGE anxiety about moving.

Why? Good question.

I am going to be 23, I have graduated college, and have a full time job.

Why would I be nervous about living on my own?


But I am.

I am putting off packing up my crap at Nick's apartment (and my parents' house) even though I still have three weeks before moving day because it just feels weird to not live at the same place/with the same people that I have for the last three years.

This is not to say that my new (awesome) roommate is not going to be awesome and fun to live with! Because she is and we will have TONS O FUN.

It just feels weird.

Weird, weird, weird.

The end.


  1. it'll be okay, and you'll make the best out of it! good luck packing :) xoxo jillian:: enter in TWO GIVEAWAYS over at cornflake dreams

  2. i totally know the feeling... i was just *considering* moving out recently (with my college degree and full time job) and i was freaking out all the time about not living at home and changing up my routine! so, i think its totally normal to be a little anxious about change... even when you know its going to be awesome :-)

  3. You'll do great!! I just hate the process of moving - so tedious, ugh!! Good luck with it all :)

  4. I understand how this would be tough. Everything will work out great though. :) I hope you and your new roommate have awesome fun times together! :) Good luck!

  5. i'm sure you'll be just fine! chin up lady : )

  6. Thanks! I hope you guys are all right, I am most anxious about moving out of my parents house. It's so easy and comfortable there!! I know I'll be fine, but still!!


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