Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday, today.

Hello, friends! This week has been pretty crazy. A lot is happening that I really don't want to talk about until I know for sure that it's happening/not happening. Don't worry, it's nothing bad! I will definitely keep you posted once I know the details either way :)

This past weekend at work was both good and bad. I sold come classes and got pats on the back at work, so that was good. Sunday, however, was a mixture of good and bad. Mostly bad. Right when I got to work, a super heavy metal grate (what we keep in the bottom of the kennels in the salon) fell on my ankle and I was really worried that it was fractured. It hurt SO BAD, dudes. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and it definitely had me in tears. Thankfully, it's not fractured, but the bone is bruised, and it definitely hurts to walk on and is occasionally swollen. LAME.

Then, about halfway through my day, a couple brought in their pit puppy and laid it on the floor carelessly. (Most PetsMarts have in-house Banfield Pet Hospitals.) It began seizing and convulsing and it was probably one the most horrible things I have ever witnessed. The worst thing about the situation, though, was how the owners acted. They were laughing and mostly just angry that they spent $200 on the puppy, just for it to get sick. The doctor ended up making them leave, and we later found out that the puppy had either Parvo or Distemper, and had to be put down.

These are the things that make me think for days. How horrible do you have to be to be angry at a puppy for contracting a disease that it should have been vaccinated against? It was so hard to watch, and I hope that those people don't put another puppy through the same thing. Just a word to the wise: Get your animals vaccinated! This is SO important. If you have an animal that contracted Parvo or Distemper and didn't survive it, do NOT bring another animal into your home until you are sure the virus is gone. It can live in your furniture and carpet and will infect another animal unless vaccinated.

The rest of the day turned out okay, I made some tips and bought myself a bag I have been eyeing for weeks. The LPLP Linea Pelle Satchel from Target in blue. I <3 it.

Sorry for such a downer post, guys. I think that these are important things to know, though! 

Love you all


  1. a) that bag from Target is CUTE! Yay for treating yourself!

    b) my friend's sister's puppy almost died from Parvo this spring. he was a rescue, and the rescue group never told them that he had health issues :( they had to spend a ton of money (and tears) making him well, but he survived! So sad about the puppy at PS :(

    c) those crate grates are HEAVY AS HELL!! When I first worked there, I couldn't lift them out of the top crates when they needed to be cleaned, I was so WEAK!! They definitely gave me all the upper body strength that currently have! :)

  2. a) thank you!! I loveee it. I felt guilty for buying it, but now not so much :)

    b) That is so sad, but I am glad that he's okay now!!! That's such a good story!

    c) I KNOW RIGHT? My foot STILL hurts, and it was a week ago! Thank goodness it wasn't broken, though. That really would have made life hard.


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