Friday, May 27, 2011

Karmin, you stole my heart.

Check out this duo, you won't be sorry. Thanks, to my little brother for exposing me to this awesomeness. I listen to it a little more often than I am comfortable admitting. ;)

They are a couple of friends who were in a college class at Berkley and had to create something together as a project. Now they are this:

(If you aren't into the hip hop covers, they also have some really awesome Adele, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga covers, too!)

Happy Friday!! <3


  1. <-- loves it! new obsession!

  2. a friend posted this on facebook a few weeks ago, and can you say l-o-v-e? i think i made a silent vow to be as awesome as she is! a girl can hope, right?

    xo.anna marie


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