Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Wonders v.15

It's been a long while since I have written one of these posts! By the time you all are seeing this, I'll be on the way home to Cincinnati. It's supposed to thunderstorm all day tomorrow, so please think good thoughts about us getting home safely! I cannot wait to see Nick and Guillermo, but I am going to miss Nicole, Cecelia and Russ SO much. 

Also, did you notice the new blog deisgn? Mustaches are in now, apparently, so I thought I would hop on the bandwagon. For those of you on email or Google Reader or Bloglovin', you'll have to come check it out! I've changed the sidebar, as well, AND there are some new share buttons on the bottom right, so feel free to switch them with the one you may already have! Also, I have been seeing this font EVERYwhere, and I love it. So, now I will use it for everything. Muaha. 

1. Lynzie drew this picture of Guillermo, and his new friend, the rooster who lives around the corner. Did I ever tell you guys about this? I don't think so. There's a rooster (and some hens) that live around the corner from our apartment! I convinced myself that I wasn't hearing it every morning when taking Guillermo out, but alas, we saw him on our walk one day.

2. DELICIOUS. Amirite?

3. I used to really want a peacock tattoo. This one is beautiful.

4. Duh. Need I say more? Probably not because I just read back through a ton of
posts and I talk about Harry Potter WAY too much.

5. This is courtesy of Morgan. Nick and I are getting a pug puppy in the next few months and you guys know I am a pug girl at heart, right? Well, I am. And this baby is ADORABLE.

6. WAHAHA. Oh, George.

7. I think I might start making Mittens wear glasses.

8. I have been wishing for a twin lately and these two are super cute together. Did anyone else watch
their movies as a kid? I know I did! 

9. This drawing is GORGEOUS. If I didn't already have anchor tattoos, I would want something like
this. It's so pretty and feminine.

10. One. More. HP. Picture. HAHAH. There should be more HP jokes. I promise I'll try to keep it to a minimum from now on. 

Happy Wednesday :)


  1. i love how much you love HP and i totally watched all of the Mk+A movies as a kid!!

  2. yay mustaches!
    also, i hope you're looking to rescue a pug and give him a second chance at a loving home...
    i love that you can virtually google a dog rescue of choice in your area these days.... my heart overflows with the love of people who dedicate so much time and efforts to rescuing needy animals!

  3. Jen, twins :)

    Lynzie, of course we're planning on rescuing!

  4. goooood :D
    i'll help!

  5. I looooove that peacock feather tattoo. Beautiful!

  6. Lynz, I have already been in touch with someone I know from work, but thanks!

    Kate, I agree :)

  7. lol@some things. (if i need to clarify, i will be happy to oblige.)

    i love the new layout. i love that font! WANT.

    also why do we always want the same damn tattoos!? GET OUT OF MY BRAIN!! <3

  8. Loved your photo selection :) and the mustaches!

  9. Hold the phone. You're getting a PUG PUPPY THIS SUMMER?!?!?! so awesome! we're getting a puppy this fall....but shhhhhh! it's still kinda of a secret!

  10. loveee the new blog design <3
    and some awesome HP pictures :P
    i LOVEEEEE Harry Potter :)

  11. I like just about ANYONE who talks about Harry Potter too much. And blog lurkers too ;) ha ha ha. Thank you for the comment.


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